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Zendaya Posts Sizzling Bikini Snap, But People Can’t Stop Roasting Her Feet


When you become an international celebrity, every aspect of your life suddenly comes under scrutiny.

Nothing is sacred, be it your outfit choice, the people you associate with, a photo you liked seven years ago on Instagram, the color of your nail polish, your Starbucks order or the shade of your eyeshadow.

It is this element of fame that ordinary people don’t often consider when they lust after a Hollywood lifestyle. Fooled by all the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown, they forget that fame isn’t all red carpets, dazzling lights and designer gowns.

In fact, if most people knew the truth about the life of their favorite screen star, they’d quickly learn that it isn’t anywhere near as enviable as Entertainment Tonight makes it look. I’d even go as far as to say that there are probably many A-listers who’d happily swap lives with their fans – because at the end of the day anonymity and freedom are much more valuable than Academy Awards and million dollar film contracts (okay, that last bit is a lie).

To prove my point, I bring you the latest drama to rock the movie industry. In the grand scheme of scandals within Hollywood, this is only very minor, but it’s still an issue that needs to be brought to your attention.

Yesterday, 21-year-old actress Zendaya posted a series of snaps of herself enjoying some pool time with her pooch, Noon.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star, innocently uploaded the snaps to Twitter in order to illustrate an achievement her canine companion had made.

“Anyone who knows Noon knows he does not f*ck with the pool (so proud mom moment) he got to the first step all on his own,” the former Disney star wrote alongside the pictures of her cradling Noon.

But rather than applaud the moment and share her enthusiasm, Zendaya’s fans took it as a chance to drag the California-born actress.

But this isn’t the first time she’s had trouble on social media…

But rather than find a genuine fault (not that Zendaya has any, of course) the fans chose to focus on her feet which, in the snaps, are partially submerged under water.

Here are the photographs that caused such a stir…

Perfectly normal pictures, right? In fact, they’re more than ordinary because the rising star looks flawless. Well, so I thought, but people on Twitter weren’t quite as convinced…

Many of her fans couldn’t contain their mirth at her enlarged feet…

Others were left confused…

But Zendaya had no time for their comments…

Of course, Zendaya’s feet are perfectly ordinary (see the picture below), but because she’s famous and in the public eye they have now become a topic of hot debate.

Despite the frustration, she must have felt that her feet took center stage of her adorable tweet, the Greatest Showman star proved her acting skills by pretending not to care.

Fortunately, Zendaya saw the funny side and responded to several of the messages:

But whilst she may not be bothered by the attention her feet attracted, she has certainly learned a valuable lesson: you can’t please everyone. And, that no matter how perfect you are people will always find a fault.

Although maybe she should be flattered by this interest in her toes. Because if your feet are your worst feature then you’re doing pretty well!

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