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Woman Allegedly Leaves $5,000 Tip On Boyfriend’s Credit Card After Restaurant Fight! – Perez Hilton


A woman allegedly left a $5,000 tip on her boyfriend’s credit card after the two had an argument at a Florida restaurant.

On Monday, Serina Wolfe was arrested and charged with third-degree grand theft — a felony — and was held on a $1,000 bond.

According to a complaint from Pinellas County deputies, the 24-year-old and her boyfriend dined at the Clear Sky Café in Clearwater Beach, west of Tampa, last Thursday evening.

Reportedly, the two got into a “verbal argument” about her wanting him to buy her a plane ticket home to upstate New York.

When he refused, he reportedly placed a temporary hold on his credit card.

However, when he lifted the hold, the woman allegedly tipped their server $5,000 on a $55.37 bill.

When the man confronted Wolfe about the excessive charge, she allegedly denied doing so — prompting him to report the transaction as fraudulent to his credit card company.

Unfortunately, when the restaurant was told about the gratuity on Monday, they said the waiter had already been paid the large amount.

After she was arrested, Wolfe allegedly admitted to the crime.

As for her motive, the police report said:

“[The boyfriend] believes the defendant was drunk or trying to get back at him.”

Last month, ABC Action News reported the extremely lucky server, identified as Ryan, had recently put down her dog.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a large tip has made headlines.

In April 2014, Justin Timberlake reportedly left a gratuity of over $4,000 for a group of waitresses in Cologne, Germany.

During his The 20/20 Experience World Tour, the musician and a group of around 25 people enjoyed a night out at the Crystal Cologne club.

Though JT was invited for free drinks, he took it upon himself to leave a large tip for the employees.

According to one of the waitresses:

“We were all really amazed.”

Similarly, in June 2015, Bono dined at Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles, and gave an 80-year-old waitress — identified as Bella Haig — a $150 cash tip on a bill of less than $20.

Reportedly, the U2 frontman asked the woman to serve him with whatever she felt like he should have.

She told CBS Los Angeles:

“I went to the back and I said ‘this guy doesn’t look Jewish, but I’m going to get him some matzah ball soup with carrots and noodles and chicken.’”

After she got the big tip, she was totally surprised, telling the publication:

“Wow, I lucked out, I was thrilled… I was surprised it was that much.”

Moral of the story: tip your waiter… but do so legally!

[Image via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.]

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