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What 14 Famous Superheroes Would Look And Act Like As Little Kids


It’s no secret that all artists have their icons, idols, or simply people that inspire them every day to create the best art they can. In most cases, it’s the people they will never meet or have any contact with. Nevertheless, that was not the case with Brazilian artist Lucas Eduardo Nascimento who’s also known as Dragonarte to his 105k followers on Instagram and almost 114K fans on Facebook.

It seems like he was born under a lucky star (or simply put, he’s just a very talented artist) because his art was shared by his lifetime icon and it all looks like a dream-come-true scenario. One day, Nascimento caught the attention of the iconic American comic book creator and the father of many superheroes from our childhood – Stan Lee. He shared Nascimento’s artwork 5 times on his social media! If that wasn’t enough, the actor who played and will be forever associated with Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr. – also shared it 2 times.

We here at Bored Panda already know some of his work where he imagined famous superheroes as daddies watching their babies in the newborn room. For those of you who missed it, you can find it here.

This time, we have quite a different series of superheroes but we are sure that they will be as interesting as the previous ones (maybe even more!) because the artist decided to imagine how famous superheroes have looked and acted when they were just cute little children. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them because these little heroes remind us of our childhood badly! Without any doubt, we all wish that this artist will continue his artwork for a really long time because we cannot get enough of it.


Little Dentists


Child’s Play


Jump Rope




Snack Time


Happy Birthday To You


Little Heroes


Civil War


Time Machine


Snack Time



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