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Wendy Williams’ Son Arrested After Allegedly Punching Dad Kevin Hunter In The Face! – Perez Hilton


The drama between Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter has been causing

While neither called the cops, per the outlet, an onlooker apparently felt the need to report the incident. Police later responded and arrested Junior, who was released from custody a short while after. Essex County officials say the situation is currently under investigation.

Needless to say, there’s been

As we reported, the former radio DJ shared the news on her show, reading a statement on-air:

“Wendy Williams has been, and remains, committed to helping others in the struggles of life. While accepting her new reality, many things in her life have changed including the dissolution of The Hunter Foundation. Wendy’s giving spirit will continue through her work with other foundations. Thank you.”

Just last month, Williams starred in a PSA for the foundation’s recently launched 24-hour helpline for victims of drug addiction, opening up about her own struggles with addiction in hopes that it would encourage others to get the help they needed.

While The Hunter Foundation may be over, Kevin is adamant that those struggling can still get help from the “new foundation” he’s planning on launching “in the near future to continue the important mission in helping those struggling with drug addiction and substance abuse.”

In a statement to ET, he revealed:

“Although The Hunter Foundation in its current form will dissolve, the important work will live on. I plan on launching a new foundation in the near future to continue the important mission in helping those struggling with drug addiction and substance abuse. In regards to the partnership with T.R.U.S.T. and the resource hotline 888-5HUNTER, the call center will go on a brief hiatus beginning May 31st. Since launching in early-March, the hotline has received over 13,000 phone calls and has connected nearly 900 individuals to some level of treatment and care. We will work to partner with other reputable organizations to get the hotline back up and running so that we can continue changing lives.”

It’s good to see that, despite this breakup mess, Kev is still eager to change people’s lives for the better.

We hope he can also use that energy to heal his strained relationship with Junior.

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