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Watch Amber Heard Respond To Audio In Which She Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp – Perez Hilton


Man, this case is so messy!

Earlier this week even more leaked audio came out of conversations between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and once again it looks really bad for her.

This time

As we told you at the time, this conversation was played for Amber during her divorce deposition — which was filmed. And guess what? Now has that footage as well!

In the video clip, Amber listens as Johnny’s attorney plays the tape, rolling her eyes and shaking her head while this plays:

JD: I then stood up, I don’t even know if I said, I mean, I might’ve said like, what the f**k, you know, whatever. Cause I’d just been hit in the head with a f**king corner of the door.

AH: I’m so sorry. I did not, I’m sorry.

JD: And then I stood up and then you f**king clock me.

AH: I remember hitting you as a response to the door thing. And I’m really sorry about hitting you with the door or hitting your head, I did not mean to…

Amber interrupts, saying:

“I was trying to escape from a room where Johnny was attacking me… And in order to escape, I was trying to get onto the other side of the door attempting to close the door and he was attempting to get in, despite my attempts to try and escape an assault.

Hmm. That isn’t exactly what’s portrayed in the conversation on the audio.

Let’s rewind a sec. Here’s what Johnny said on the tape:

“JD: I opened the bathroom door when you were knocking on it. After a few times I opened and you know, you just kept coming, you just kept going, you just kept going, kept going. I tried to close the door three times, you know, please, please just do you know.”

“When you were knocking on it.”

So he was inside the bathroom, and she was knocking? So she was trying to get in, not him? He also says:

JD: And then, wait and then, then I, I, I, I accidentally, I swear when I was trying to close the door, I guess it scraped your toes.

After he opened the door a bit, he “was trying to close” it, and that’s when it scraped her toes. Unless the door opens out, that doesn’t make any sense. (Bathroom doors tend to open in for two reasons: their locking mechanisms work from the “in” side of the door, and so people walking in hallways don’t suddenly get hit by doors opening out of nowhere.)

No, he’s definitely saying he was inside the bathroom, and she was trying to get in, and that’s when the struggle with the door happened. So how was she “trying to escape” by trying to get in to the bathroom with him?

Amber tells the attorney the audio “misrepresents what actually happened” and explains:

“I’m trying to keep him out of, and then he runs the door over my toes trying to get into the room. I tried to push him out of it, which is what the hit is that is referred to.”

That is definitely not what’s on the tape. But Amber says she was just trying to appease Johnny in that conversation — which was recorded while they were still trying to work things out:

And Johnny, whenever he was hit or touched at all, referred to it in these ways of punching or clocked or whatever. And whether you discussed it with him or not, the last thing you do in talking to him afterwards or trying to reconcile with him is to get into what the definition of those words mean to him. If he was ever pushed, it was a clock — he called it a cold-clock. I mean, he was just very dramatic about everything about it.”

Hmm. Obviously we can’t ever know for sure what happened on that occasion, but there definitely seem to be enough inconsistencies with what Amber is saying.

It all starts at about the 4:50 mark (below):

Johnny’s attorney Adam Waldman gave the Mail a quote about the video, even obliquely dinging Amber for snacking during the emotional moment, saying:

“Whatever Amber Heard is eating in her August 13, 2016 deposition, it is certainly not truth serum. And she ignores the fact that bathroom doors open in, not out.”

That certainly is a problem with what she’s saying. He continued:

“We have assembled a giant, ever-growing body of evidence to expose her ever-growing abuse allegations as a hoax. But our star witness turns out to be the serially violent Amber Heard herself, perjuring remorselessly in a sworn 2016 video deposition that we’ve just obtained, and then exposing her diabolical lies with her own friends and employees’ testimony, subsequently discovered audio recordings, text messages, CCTV footage, TV appearances, multiple frauds, attempts to suborn perjury and documented abuse of others.”

A spokesperson for Amber’s legal team countered by saying:

“Ms. Heard’s testimony is clear that, in the incident described, she was attempting to escape an assault at the hands of Mr. Depp. It is unfortunately common for men who have committed domestic abuse to present themselves as the ‘victim’ when nothing could be further from the truth.”

Speaking of lawyers, another bit of private correspondence this week was released to show inconsistency in Johnny’s story.

He infamously accused Amber of slicing the tip of his finger off with a thrown glass bottle, which already sounded a little improbable. He wrote in a legal filing back in May of last year:

“Approximately one month after I married Ms. Heard, on a day where my then-lawyer tried to discuss with Ms. Heard the need that she sign a post-nuptial agreement with me, she went berserk and began throwing bottles at me. The first bottle sailed past my head and missed, but then she threw a large glass vodka bottle. The bottle struck the marble countertop where my hand was resting and exploded. The projectile’s impact shattered the bone in my finger and entirely severed the tip of my finger.”

But during a hearing as part of his ongoing libel case against British tabloid The Sun on Wednesday, which he is suing for an op-ed in which executive editor Dan Wootton calls him a “wife-beater,” attorneys for the publication used the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s own words against him, just as his attorneys are doing to Amber.

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