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VOTE: Carrie Underwood’s Gorgeous Post-Stitches Face Can YOU Tell A Difference??


So is

She even hid from the camera and warned her fans she “might look a bit different.”

But it may have been all in her head. And not, you know, ON her head.

Because as we saw and shared with you, she posed for a Twitter pic with fan Adrienne Gang (whom you might know from the reality show Below Deck) back in December — after the injury — and the more we see it doing the rounds, the more we just aren’t seeing it:

Us Weekly even asked Adrienne on Wednesday about how she looked in person. Adrienne confirmed what we saw in the pic — nothing!

She said:

“I had no idea she got hurt prior to meeting her. She had a wrist brace on, but I didn’t think much of it until I saw the headlines after I posted our picture together. She looked great and seemed to be in great spirits.”

Adrienne also quipped:

“She looked lovely even after working out on the machine, something I wish I could say for myself.”


Seems like Carrie might be worrying her pretty little self over nothing. But we get it! Carrie, we just want you to know we think you look beautiful, and even if there is a difference, you’re stunning regardless!

What do YOU think??

[Image via Instagram/Twitter.]

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