Vanderpump Rules Star Stassi Schroeder ‘Starves’ Herself With Just ‘One Meal A Day’ To Stay Thin


Ever wonder how some TV stars stay so thin?


While promoting the sixth season premiere Down Under on Monday, the 29-year-old spoke with Daily Mail Australia about how she keeps her weight down, and no, it’s not exercise:

“I’m really lazy. I stay thin by trying to starve myself for the most part, if I’m being totally honest.”

It’s not that she doesn’t eat. She does. But only once per day.

She explains:

“When I’m home in LA, it’s like one meal a day, but when I go out of town or on work trips, it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

When asked if that meal is vegan or in other ways incredibly strict, she says:

“Absolutely not! But I’ll just have like one meal a day.”

It’s apparently not what Stassi eats but how often. When she does allow herself to eat what she wants, she says she enjoys “a cheeseburger, a hot dog, macaroni and cheese, pizza and tacos.”

Not exactly diet food.

Could YOU survive on just one meal a day???

[Image via Instagram.]

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