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Tyler Cameron & Gigi Hadid Are ‘No Longer Together’ – Perez Hilton


Is this the end of the road for 2019’s most iconic couple?!

No, we aren’t talking about Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner — we’re still

According to “a source close to the situation,” the former reality TV contestant and current male model is apparently single again! More to the point, directly from the insider, the former college football star and 24-year-old Hadid “are no longer together.”

Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of insider information to go on here; we don’t yet know who split with whom, or what exactly caused the pair to drift apart. It makes some sense though, considering Tyler had recently been referring to the catwalk queen as his “friend,” which, yeah, that’s never a good sign…

Plus, just a couple weeks ago, we reported how tensions were rising in the coupling as this pair tried to navigate dating under a very heavy spotlight. Maybe all that media attention got to ’em?!

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