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The NRA Says They’re In ‘Deep Financial Trouble’ And People Are Sending ‘Thoughts And Prayers’!


The NRA may be in financial peril.

The gun lobbying organization is suing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over what it calls a “blacklisting campaign” which has cost it “tens of millions of dollars in damages.”

It was in April, just weeks after the March For Our Lives that Cuomo signed an order directing the state’s Financial Services department to urge insurance and financial companies to evaluate their ties to the NRA — with the public’s safety in mind.

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And apparently they did! In a court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, the organization said it is losing so much money it could soon be “be unable to exist.”

That plea for help from the courts was just too rich for people to pass up. They responded with the same substantive contribution every NRA-funded politician has offered whenever there was a shooting.

See all the “thoughts and prayers” being sent to the NRA (below)!

So… it seems to us they’re actually losing money because enough Americans are tired of them attacking the victims of gun violence and stopping the kind of common sense gun safety laws that could protect our children?

Or hey, maybe it’s all this inexplicable funding from Russia that’s recently been outed. Maybe they needed that Russian money all along? They certainly weren’t hurting for cash when they spent over $31 million trying to get Donald Trump elected!

Either way, NRA: Don’t spend all these thoughts and prayers in just one place, k?

[Image via NRA/YouTube.]

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