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Team Aidan Or Team Big?? Sarah Jessica Parker Answers The Ultimate ‘Sex And The City’ Question! – Perez Hilton


There’s only two types of people in this world: Team Aidan or Team Big. OK, that’s not true, you could be Team Berger, but if so, we sincerely hope you have a good support system in place to get you the help you need.

For real though, Sex and the City fans have long fallen into two warring camps about which on-again, off-again suitor Carrie Bradshaw should have ended up with. There are those who believe she should have locked it down with the tall, kind, relaxed, dog-loving, wood-working, sexy Aidan, and then there are the wrong ones. LOLz!

No, Mr. Big has his fans, too, people who like the arrogant, rich, old-fashioned, cigar-smoking man’s man who is only vaguely aware of your feelings. As Annie Lennox taught us, some actually want to be abused.

OK, sorry, we’ve obviously chosen a side here. But we’re not here to convince you, we’re letting you know where the woman herself falls! Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker has made her choice once and for all.

On Wednesday’s very special episode of The Bradshaw Boys, a podcast in which three men rewatch and weigh in on the entire series, SJP actually called in for an interview — and they asked her the big question. Or the Big question we suppose. And she actually answered!

You can find her entire answer at about the 20:40 mark (above), but here’s what she said:

“As you can imagine, this puts me in a terrible position.”


“There is a very quick and simple answer. You have to be Team Big, or Team John (Big’s real name) I guess, only because you can’t tell a story that long and not in the most conventional way kind of root for that ending.”

You can if you want your main character to grow and learn lessons. Sorry, continue:

“And I love Chris Noth so much, and it felt wonderfully and skillfully written by Michael Patrick [King].”

See, that’s sweet, but it’s also more of a meta answer. She’s too close to it; Carrie did end up with Big, and Sarah can’t exactly disagree with her showrunner without causing problems for herself! However, she does say:

“But I love John Corbett so much and I loved Aidan. I loved his Aidan. The best of both worlds is in fact having your cake and eating it too. So I feel like I got both teams. Ultimately, Carrie should have ended up with Big, but it was a delight to mess around before she arrived at that.”

You know, we hadn’t really thought about it before, but maybe Carrie should have ended up with Big. Because she doesn’t deserve Aidan!

In a way, she’s actually kind of Aidan’s Berger…

See, now we too need to rewatch the entire series to figure all this out. But where do YOU stand, SATC stans?? Team Aidan or Team Big? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Instar/HBO/Prime Video.]

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