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Stupid Man Challenges A Wild Bison, And It Goes Exactly How You’d Expect


There are between 1 – 2 million species animal species on Earth, and of all the known creatures to inhabit the planet, humans are by far the most intelligent. As great apes, our incredible brains provided early man with the ability to learn, teach, share, innovate, experiment, emote, plan, develop, and empathize.

Even our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, who also share these remarkable abilities, have nowhere near the levels of intelligence of that of a human. Indeed, homo sapiens are truly the most intelligent creatures to ever walk the Earth.

Well… some of us are, anyway.

As much as some people would like to claim to be a part of the smartest species on the planet, many of them just shouldn’t have that right. For millennia, it has been man’s intelligence that has seen us survive; recognizing dangers and avoiding them as all costs. Don’t touch the fire, it burns. Don’t climb that cliff, it’s too high. Don’t intentionally provoke a creature that is so much stronger and larger than you are, as it’ll probably trample you to a pulp.

Sadly, this man did not get that last message. It seems funny to me that common sense is so uncommon, because without it, this guy morphs from a man, into a jackass.

The amazing footage was captured on cellphone earlier this week at Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park. The footage seems to show a group of tourist stuck in a traffic jam, where a giant bison had intercepted.

As impressive as these amazing creatures are, most people know that if you are ever in the direct vicinity of one, it is probably best to remain quiet and locked safely in your car. Not this idiot…

In the less-than-one-minute clip, recorded by witness Lindsey Jones, a man wearing shorts can be seen reverting back to his primal state; beating his chest, goading the bison, and trying to make himself look as big as possible. It didn’t work.

Check out what happened to the moron in the video below:

My guess was that he was attempting to move the bison away from the cars so that the people behind could safely move on, but his decision to confront the beast was not just ill-thought through – it was moronic.

Bison can stand up to six feet tall and weigh up to 2,000 pounds, and they are known to charge at anything they consider a threat. Of course, the bison saw this bumbling buffoon as a threat and charged at him, causing a bystander to cry out: “Oh God, I can’t watch”.

Another person can be heard shouting at the man to “Get out of there!”

The National Park Service’s official website for Yellowstone National Park even has a warning message for visitors, saying: “Wild animals are unpredictable and dangerous.” All together now: DUHHHH!

“Every year people are injured when they approach animals too closely. Animals that attack people may need to be relocated or killed,” the website says.

The National Park Service advises that visitors “always remain” at least 100 yards from wolves or bears, and at least 25 yards away from all other wildlife – which means, in no circumstances, should you challenge a bison to a wrestle.

And that’s not the only ridiculous incident to occur around one of nature’s most dangerous creatures. In the video below, a 300 lbs white lion leaps into a safari truck with students inside.

How the keepers deal with this incident is amazing:

It just goes to show you; despite repeatedly being told as a child that humans are the most intelligent species to ever exist, with every passing day, I believe it less and less.

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