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Soap Opera Star ‘Fears For Her Life’ After Filing For Divorce From Allegedly Abusive Husband – Perez Hilton


This is absolutely horrifying…

The Bold and the Beautiful actress Ashley Jones is fearing for her life right now, after claiming in new court docs that her estranged husband has allegedly been violently beating her at home. In fact, things have gotten so bad between the soap opera star and Joel Henricks, that Jones (pictured above, with Henricks) went so far as to request court-ordered protection from him in the middle of their ugly split.

Jones, who is best known for her longtime portrayal of Bridget Forrester on Bold, officially filed for divorce on Friday. That comes on the heels of a judge in an El Lay court granting her a restraining order against Henricks, as well. But even though the daytime TV regular may be at wit’s end about her marriage, she’s still living in fear of her husband, despite having kicked him out of the house alongside all this legal drama.

Per TMZ, the restraining order claims Ashley is at the hands of serious physical abuse and continued danger levied by her husband. Now, she reportedly fears that abuse may grow stronger after the divorce petition, and that it could possibly start to affect the couple’s thee-year-old son. SO scary…

Thankfully, according to the restraining order request, the soap opera star says she and her son left the house back on August 17 to get away to safety. But regrettably, her husband has allegedly been stalking her ever since — like when she was at a friend’s house the day after she left, and discovered that her husband had allegedly put a tracking device under her car!!! WTF???

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