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Ryan Reynolds Trolled By His Mom Over Hilarious FAKE Review For His Aviation Gin! – Perez Hilton


Ryan Reynolds’ mom will not sit idly by while her son writes his own reviews!

Tammy Stewart Reynolds called out her movie star offspring on Saturday after he shared a post on Instagram that showed a bizarrely comedic review promoting his Aviation Gin company.

In the

The mystery user wrote: 

“I just tried Aviation Gin for the first time. Normally, I don’t gravitate toward celebrity brands, but I’d read the Gin was one of the highest rated ever. I loved it and hated it. What?! Let me explain… As soon as I tried the Gin I knew right away, it was amazing. It was the smoothest Gin I’d ever tried and went down really easily.”

Nightengale went on to warn — although the Gin was great tasting — there should be “some kind of warning about how much you’re supposed to have,” explaining:

“I had a lot. When I woke up the next day, I mentioned to my wife Linda that last night must have been a REAL blowout because I slept in my clothes. Even my shoes! I also noticed it was really hard to look out the window at the Seattle skyline. Partly because of the bright sun (I’ve always been sensitive to light) but also because I don’t live in Seattle). I live in Coral Gables, Florida. Also, it’s important to note, until that morning, I’d never met anyone named Linda.”


If you think that hilarious review sounds suspiciously like Reynolds himself, you’re not alone.

The actor’s mom quickly caught on to her son’s shenanigans and commented:

(c) Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

LOLz! TamTam with the burn!

To which the funny man quipped back:

(c) Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

As it turns out, Tammy’s motherly intuition was right: Reynolds eventually admitted to writing the review — but Champ Nightengale’s legacy continued to live on.

The gin company’s Instagram also got in on the joke, writing under Tammy’s comment: 

(c) Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

We just hope Tammy doesn’t tell Blake Lively about Linda, seeing as the actress is expecting her third child with Ry Rey.

As we reported last month, the Gossip Girl alum revealed she was preggers again at the New York City premiere of her husband’s Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie, showing off her baby bump in a gorgeous yellow dress.

We can’t wait to read Champ Nightengale’s reviews on baby bjorns and breast pumps!

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