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Russian Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Any Character (30 Pics)


Imagine if you had the ability to transform yourself into anyone. Who would you choose?

With the ever-growing hype around cosplay, people are getting utterly creative with the tools they use: from budget-friendly household items to food. And while the results of those parody-style experiments can be hilarious, we definitely still appreciate the traditional cosplay classics created from make-up, wigs, and costumes.

21-year-old Russian singer, make-up artist and goddess of cosplay Jules Gudkova has a natural talent and killer skills of bringing characters of popular movies, TV shows, modern and childhood cartoons, and even toys to life with extreme accuracy. One day she’s an innocent princess, another – a whimsical animated character or a badass superhero. And although her uncanny impersonations look effortless, we guarantee that a lot of time and effort is involved.

A combination of various media, genres and creative tools make for head-turning makeovers that compliment any taste. From geeks to little princess wannabes, her stunning artistry has built her an impressive following of 83k on Instagram.

We don‘t encourage you to change your appearance, and self-love always comes first but turning yourself into someone you look nothing alike can be fun and very entertaining. Here‘s some inspiration for your next Comic-Con or a dress-up party!

#1 Corpse Bride


“Remake of my make-up on Emily from “Corpse Bride”… this is my favorite cartoon by Tim Burton. And yeah, and I still cry every time I hear a “Tears to shed'”

#2 Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)


“Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable”

The Moscow-based young artist says she is a ‘Disneynerd’ and her affection for cartoons perfectly reflects in her works. She’s transformed herself into probably every princess created: tomboyish Merida, gorgeous Ariel, and the beloved “Frozen” sisters, you name it she’s done it. Jules draws inspiration both from modern pop culture, like superheroes from Marvel’s blockbusters or Game of Thrones characters, and nostalgic classics, like voluptuous Jessica Rabbit, Princess Leia or enchanting Morticia Addams.

#3 Hela


“I’m not a queen or a monster… I’m the god of death!”

#4 Scarlett Ohara


“I won’t think about it now, I’ll think about it tomorrow, when I can stand it!”

The surreal world of cosplay invites talented individuals to pay tribute to their favorite movie, video game or book characters. Naturally, we see imitations of same characters all over the Internet which reflects whatever’s trending in today’s pop culture. Jules Gudkova is no exception, but while she has impersonated some of the most famous characters, some of her artworks are a breath of fresh air.

#5 Gamora


“For me, so sad that Gamora died in “Infinity War”… But honestly it’s not so sad as a trailer of ‘Endgame'”

#6 Tinkerbell


“Modern Tinker Bell from art by amazing artist Fernanda Suarez. I’m deeply in love with her arts!”

While cosplay at its core is the practice of transforming into a particular character, it’s more than just playing dress up. Rather than buying a finished costume, cosplay involves handcrafting and sourcing perfect pieces to recreate detailed looks. Taking into account the professional approach, lots of time, effort and expenses are invested, and cosplay becomes more than a hobby or creative pursuit for many people; it becomes a career and, for some, a way of life.

#7 Astrid Hofferson


“Have you already seen “How to train your dragon”? Honestly, I laughed like crazy! This is a very funny and cute cartoon. So, this is a fast cosplay test for Astrid Hofferson.”

#8 Lara Croft


“Tomb Raider 1996”

#9 Jessica Rabbit


#10 Ariel


“When you dream of swimming underwater and have a gorgeous mermaid tail, but sea witch doesn’t take (sic) your legs back”

#11 Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)


#12 Helga Sinclair


“Move it, people! Sometime today would be nice!”

#13 Princess Fiona


“What kind of a knight are you?”

#14 Merida


“A’ gi’d mah mammy a cake, she turned innta a big bear, n’ mah auld yin tries tae dae her in! If that’s not pure mess, a’ don’t know whit is!”

#15 Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momsen)


#16 Alice Asylum


“Do you love American McGee’s Alice in her new dress? I’m in love with concepts of “Alice: Asylum”! Btw I’m a big fan of Alice’s game and I’m really good as a player. American McGee’s Alice was my favorite game in 2010, and I bought PS3 only for ‘Alice: Madness Returns'”

#17 Mantis


“When you’re ugly, and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are… Beautiful people never know who to trust”

#18 Rapunzel And Mother Gothel


“Rapunzel, look in that mirror – you know what I see? I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady… Oh look, you’re here too!”

#19 Clarisse And Mia


“Do you remember “The princess diaries”? What is your favorite part?”

#20 Giselle (Amy Adams)


“Today I’m Giselle from “Enchanted”. Do you like this movie? This is one of the best movie (sic) for me and my mom, we watch it very often and every time we laugh and cry like the first time. And we love the story of Robert and Giselle, they are the cutest couple ever”

#21 Bride Of Chucky


#22 Corpse Bride


“Are you ready for Halloween? Who will you be in (sic) this day? Omg the last days of October is (sic) best days in the year. I just love it!”

#23 Princess Anna


#24 Sabrina


“Since my childhood, Salem witches were interesting to me with their witchcraft, coven and other magic things. In Russia, we know very little about the culture of American witches, but this is really fascinating.”

#25 Rapunzel


“Cosplay test on Rapunzel from 2017. Honestly, Rapunzel is my most unrealizable cosplay plan. While still a teenager, I often watched a cartoon about her, and I really wanted to make her costume entirely… Her dress and crown look incredibly beautiful! But I understand that my nose and face shape are completely different from Rapunzel, so… and without Eugene, I would hardly have decided to do it. I had the same situation with “Zootopia”, but then I found myself Nick and cosplay happened”

#26 Vanellope


#27 Coraline Jones


“I don’t want whatever I want. Nobody does. Not really. What kind of fun would it be if I just got everything I ever wanted just like that, and it didn’t mean anything? What then?”

#28 Lola Bunny


“Do you remember this hot bunny? Nostalgia time”

#29 Fiona


“You know, you should sweep me off my feet out yonder window and down a rope onto your valiant steed.”

#30 Jessie


“Jessie is one of my first cosplay plans ever. I adored characters like her when I was a teenager, and now I still consider her the most interesting character in “Toy Story”. All my childhood I was sure that Woody and Jessie are a couple and I still ship it! There is nothing you can do because they have chemistry!”

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