Prince Harry’s Relationships With William AND Meghan Markle Are Awkward Now?? – Perez Hilton


For just about everyone around the globe, the coronavirus has thrown everything into disarray. But for Prince Harry‘s relationship with his family, which was already in a fragile state, the pandemic just completely blew it up.

When Harry and Meghan Markle made their big move, there was no way they could have known such an international disaster was on the horizon. Now Megxit is being cast in a completely different light, and the 35-year-old is looking like the black sheep who abandoned the fam just as the s**t hit the fan.

This got even worse once his father, Prince Charles, tested positive for COVID-19. We heard earlier this week that news was “a huge wake-up call” that

Speaking of which, another source told the magazine’s Hot Hollywood podcast the pandemic is screwing up those plans as well!

“Meghan and Harry are trying to rebrand themselves and are want to make a big media splash but are stymied by the coronavirus situation. They are losing out on potential paid opportunities by having to keep a low profile.”

Apparently they intended to go big with their rebrand in the Spring, right after officially leaving their positions as royals — but just like every 2020 movie, they’re having to shift everything back and are now “plotting for a summer or fall ‘splash.”

But they’re still working! The insider says:

“They did the move to L.A. to be closer to the deal makers and are setting up calls and virtual meetings with agents, studio heads.”

Sounds like stuff they could have done while still in the UK — where it’s easier to be with family suffering from the effects of the virus. What do YOU think of Harry’s precarious position right now??

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