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Petition For Taylor Swift To Re-Record First 6 Albums Nears 200K Signatures Amid Scooter Braun Drama! – Perez Hilton


Taylor Swift’s fans aren’t about to sit by and let Scooter Braun

Aside from Braun — “who is well known for his dirty tricks,” according to Boubia — the investors of the deal are the Carlyle group, “who are funding the genocide in Yemen… So every time you play a Taylor Swift song, you fund the deaths of innocent people.”

Well, that got realer than we expected…

The petition states that, as a publisher, Tay can re-record her projects under Big Machine Records and “release them as her own under Republic Records where she is both master and publisher.” This way, fans could listen to her music without supporting Braun — or genocide, evidently.

Among the hundreds of thousands of signatures were the names of a few of Taylor’s celebrity friends; including Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes, and Katy Perry

Sivan was said to have written:

“Taylor wrote every damn lyric from her album Speak Now, 75 per cent from her other five albums. It’s her art. She’s incredibly talented, she’s my friend and I love her. Scooter Braun, I don’t know you. Bye, bye.”

Perry supposedly signed with a simple note, “I stand with Taylor. Stay strong my friend,” while a user claiming to be Mendes penned the following message:

“Taylor is the most coolest and amazing person on earth. This is too painful. I stand with her, as always. X”

It’s important to note, though, how easy it is to fake a signature on Just take a look at this post by “Harry Styles“:


Okay, so maybe celebs haven’t been co-sponsoring this petition.

Plenty of stars have, however, been speaking out about the controversy on social media — many of whom said they stood in solidarity with Taylor.

Since Tay’s back catalogue is still available for streaming and isn’t showing signs of going anywhere, it’s not clear if putting in the time to re-record her 6 albums is actually worth it for the Grammy-winner.

Of course, “Katy Perry” and “Harry Styles” think otherwise, so maybe Taylor just might listen to them.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?

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