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Nico Tortorella & His Lesbian Wife Still Don’t Live Together!


Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers may be married, but they aren’t sleeping together!

At least not in the literal sense, as the Younger star has revealed that that he and his wife “still don’t live together” over a month after they tied the knot.

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The 29-year-old explained to People that while he and his longtime partner — who dated on and off for 12 years — just bought a house together in upstate New York, they only see eachother once a week:

“We still don’t live together. We see each other on a weekly basis. We’re FaceTiming all day, everyday.”

Talk about a modern family!

Nico said that not much has changed for the queer, polyamorous couple since they wed back in March, except for how they are perceived by other couples:

“People will be so quick to be like, ‘This is how long we’ve been married. This is what works and what doesn’t.’ As much as we love hearing your stories, we’re on our own path here. But it’s sweet.”

One thing is Nico DEFINITELY sick of hearing about his being a newlywed? The word “congratulations.” He explained:

“It’s probably the most I’ve ever heard congratulations in my entire life — and I’ve booked movies and TV shows and written books! It’s the one [thing] that people see as like a huge milestone in your life. And it’s interesting to digest that. I think there’s so many things in life that can make you happy that you don’t get congratulated for; like, congratulations for getting out of bed this morning and smiling.”

We guess Nico’s still getting out of the bed and smiling without his new spouse by his side.

Hey, whatever works!!

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