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New Book On The Kennedy Family Details Taylor Swift’s Infamous Summer Out On Cape Cod! – Perez Hilton


Remember than infamous summer of 2012, when Taylor Swift spent her time infiltrating the Kennedy family compound out on Cape Cod??

Well, now we’re getting a REALLY good look at what was going on behind the scenes there, thanks to a new book on the Kennedy family from biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, called The Kennedy Heirs: John, Caroline, and the New Generation.

In the book, according to a pre-read report out on Thursday in The Star, the author provides details about how Taylor was apparently ALWAYS a fan of the Kennedy family, reportedly going so far as to even read two previous Tarborrelli books before meeting anyone from the famous fam.

Then, when Rory Kennedy found out Taylor was a fan of the famous family, she reached out to the singer for tickets to her Speak Now tour. Taylor obliged, and had the younger members of the fam come out to the show, giving them backstage meet-and-greet packages and more, as well. It was at that meet-and-greet that Taylor had Rory pass on her contact info to Ethel Kennedy, who eventually agreed to have lunch with Taylor.

From there, Swift and Ethel really hit it off, and the elder Kennedy invited the country music superstar to the family compound in Massachusetts for the 4th of July weekend back in 2012. On the first night out on Cape Cod, Taylor hung out with the younger Kennedy kids doing typical weekend activities: drinking, swimming, playing flashlight tag, fishing, blah blah blah…

The next day, she apparently wrote and performed a song for Ethel in front of the entire family; word has it Ethel was “beyond moved,” and the moment really solidified Taylor’s relationship with the fam that summer. As the author noted at the time, “after the weekend was over it was clear: Taylor was now an honorary Kennedy.” Well then!!!

The Romance…

That’s when things got great: the weekend was the kick-off to the (brief) romance between Taylor and Conor Kennedy — the 17-year-old hunk who she ended up writing about quite a bit on her 2012 album Red, even though the pair broke up before its release.

At the time, Conor was still dealing with his mother’s suicide, which Taylor was drawn to because, according to the author, she “saw something in his vulnerability.”

The pair got very close very quickly, with regular activities including getting pizza together quite often, and going to church together on Sundays. Taylor got so swept up in it, that she eventually bought her infamous Cape Cod house in August of that year, not even six weeks after the weekend of the 4th; that reportedly made Conor “nervous.”

On August 23rd of that year, Conor and Taylor crashed the wedding of another Kennedy — Kyle Kennedy — and they were asked (twice!) to leave; Swift eventually apologized to Ethel, who told her not to worry about it. But as fun as things were at the time, they weren’t guaranteed to last; by September of that year, the summer fling was over and Taylor ended up selling her Cape Cod home; she made $1 million on the sale… not bad for a month or two out in the summer sun!

Anyways, what a fling that was, beginning seven years ago today… Taylor has called it “one of the best times of my life,” BTW. Amazing!!!

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