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Melania Trump Is Too Busy FLOTUSing To Worry About Donalds Alleged Affairs! – Perez Hilton


Most of the world can’t hear enough about Donald Trump’s alleged infidelities, but not Melania Trump

In a new clip from her interview with

When she was asked if she’s been hurt by the allegations, the First Lady took a pause and said:

“It’s not always pleasant, of course, but I know what is right and what is wrong and what is true or not true.”

As for if they have a good marriage and if she still loves the Commander in Chief, the former model stated:

“Yes, we are fine… It’s what media speculate, and it’s gossip. It’s not always correct stuff.”

Hmm… you sure about that, Mel?

Do U think she’s being honest? Watch a clip of her interview (below) and tune in to the full special Being Melania — The First Lady tonight at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

[Image via ABC News.]

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