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Mariah Carey Singlehandedly Wins The Bottle Cap Challenge! It’s Over Now! – Perez Hilton


Y’all can put the #BottleCapChallenge to bed now, in the same place as dead memes and challenges like Tebowing, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and whatever had those teenagers eating Tide Pods a few years back.

That’s because Mariah Carey

For those of you not in the know (

Anyways, what do y’all think about this Bottle Cap Challenge, Perezcious readers?! Pretty unique, no doubt… but also feel like it’s quickly gonna get played out completely to death, just like every viral thing does nowadays, right?! Sound OFF on all this nonsense in the comment section (below)!

But seriously, y’all… let’s let Mariah put this viral challenge to bed forever. She’s the legend, the icon, the one and only, and… the undisputed WINNER of the Bottle Cap Challenge! LOLz!!!

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