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Madonna Issues Warning After Co-Star Dies Of Coronavirus – Perez Hilton


This is so sad! And unfortunately this will not be the last new of its kind…

Mark Blum may not be a name you know, but you have almost certainly seen his work. He was one of those “that guy” actors, whom we all recognize but can’t name. And we have now lost him to the coronavirus.

The veteran actor’s wife, actress and acting teacher Janet Zarish, broke the news to the Hollywood Reporter; he died at the hospital due to complications from the novel coronavirus. He was only 69 years old.

Mark was seen recently as Joe’s boss, Mr. Mooney, in the Netflix hit You, but he’s been in just about everything — BillionsSuccessionMozart In The JungleSVUThe Good Wife, CSIRoseanneThe West Wing. He was also very active in the theater company Playwrights Horizon, who shared on social media:

“With love and heavy hearts, Playwrights Horizons pays tribute to Mark Blum, a dear longtime friend and a consummate artist who passed this week. Thank you, Mark, for all you brought to our theater and to theaters and audiences across the world. We will miss you.”

But Mark may be best remembered for his high profile roles on the big screen in the 1980s.

Not only was he the sleazy ex-boyfriend who gets punched in the face by Crocodile Dundee, he was also the sketchy husband in the film that gave us Madonna the movie star, Desperately Seeking Susan.

Here they are sharing the screen together in the VERY ’80s classic:

Her Madgesty took to Instagram to mourn her co-star (one of her very first as the 1985 comedy was only her second film after a cameo in Vision Quest earlier the same year), writing:

I Want to Acknowledge the Passing of a remarkable Human, fellow actor and friend Mark Blum, who succumbed to Coronavirus. This is really tragic and my heart goes out to him, his family and his loved ones. I remember him as funny warm, loving .and professional when we made Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985!! Another reminder that this virus is no joke, nothing to be casual about or pretend wont affect us in some way. ♥️ we need to stay grateful -be hopeful- help each other-and follow the quarantine rules!”

It’s a good reminder for all of us. Sadly we don’t think Mark will be the last casualty Hollywood will suffer from this pandemic.

Stay safe out there, everyone!

[Image via Netflix/Orion Pictures/Paramount Pictures/YouTube.]

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