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Karlie Kloss’ Reaction To Kushner Family Comment On ‘Project Runway’ CANNOT Be Missed – Perez Hilton


Reality TV has brought us so many gems over the years, but this may take the cake as being the most awkward EVER!

ICYMI, Karlie Kloss‘ husband is Josh Kushner, younger brother of Ivanka Trump‘s husband Jared Kushner. Basically, she’s a few degrees of separation away from President Donald Trump. Though Kloss’ political views

Most recently, on Monday night’s episode of Project Runway a joke about politics made by a contestant fell so flat that he ended up (spoiler alert) getting sent home.

For context, the designers were tasked with designing a look for the supermodel to wear in Paris using clothing donated from a local Goodwill. When Tyler Neasloney explained his top and skirt look, which was “made from four pairs of pants,” he explained he was:

“…going for a very traditional like Montauk, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Americana vibe.”

Joining fellow judge Brandon Maxwell, Kloss examined the design up close and asked:

“So you’re happy with your look?”

The competitor replied:

“I’m happy with it. I don’t know if you love it or if you hate it. Whatever it is, lay it on me. I’m ready.”

Sternly, Maxwell gave his feedback on the look:

“Well, bring us back to the challenge. Super cool, A. Wearable, B. Chic, C. You got B. You got wearable. It’s definitely wearable in some place that is neither Paris nor Montauk or Martha’s Vineyard. I cannot see Karlie wearing it anywhere, honestly.”

The contestant retorted with a smile:

“Not even to dinner with the Kushners?”

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