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JWoww Admits Son’s Autism Diagnosis Contributed ‘A Lot Of Tension’ To Her Failed Marriage – Perez Hilton


We can’t

Now that’s NOT to say Greyson’s autism is at fault

Even scarier, though, was one particular event early on in the family’s autism battle, well before Greyson was officially diagnosed. It was a particularly bad and scary fit the young boy threw in an airport, which the 33-year-old remembered in her conversation with Deena (below):

“That [fit in the airport], like killed me. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. Greyson scratched his face, smashed my glasses, was head butting me in front of everybody, hitting me, slapping me, biting. I see people recording and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, f**king help me. My son has no idea what he’s doing right now. He’s completely manic, like, freaking.’ I just stated crying, defeated, done. I started bawling.”

That must be so, so scary for a young mother to deal with — especially without knowing what exactly is going on with her son, and trying to manage an incident while bystanders are looking on and taking video, and just… ugh!!!

No matter the situation with her and Roger, and whatever happened between them before the diagnosis, we really feel for Jenni and her entire family as they go through this together. Thankfully, it appears as though things ARE getting better, both for Greyson, and the family as a whole.

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