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Influencers Are Telling People To Stop Drinking Water… – Perez Hilton


Forget about the

Alise also claims the official guidance to drink two liters of water a day is “all business and huge marketing” from Big Water, and that she gets all her hydration needs from raw food and fruits. She noted:

“I believe you don’t hydrate from water — water just cleanses. So if you eat raw food and fruits, you really don’t need water.”

While Alise has reduced her “empty water” intake by 90 percent, Sophie Prana, a 35-year-old yoga teacher and fellow H2O-truther, claims she hasn’t had a drop of the liquid in a year!

She explained to the outlet:

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. If you’re [eating] a normal Western diet, eating salt and cooked fats, [not drinking water] can be really damaging — but I transitioned into a raw vegan diet, so I hydrate with living water [like melon juice and coconut water] from fruits, and I stopped drinking empty water from bottles or the tap. You hydrate with living water because there’s nothing in the water in bottles. It’s the water industry that tells us to drink all the time.”

Yeah, that’s why you always see birds and dogs and insects and every other living thing drinking water — because they’ve all been fooled by BIG H2O. Like Alise, Sophie’s water boycott went alongside frequent spells of “dry fasting,” where the faster doesn’t eat anything for 24 hours at a time. Sophie added:

“I stopped eating salt or oils. I live from watery fruits or vegetables — and this, with dry fasting, is so healthy for your body. People are quite shocked when they hear no drinking or water, but it’s a whole science behind it, so when people understand it, it’s a whole thing.”

Although there is some science behind it — Dr. Howard Murad, a professor of medicine at UCLA and author of the book The Water Secret, claims that eating more water-rich foods is preferable to simply drinking more water — other health experts highly discourage the practice.

Haleh Moravej, senior lecturer in nutritional sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University, told the publication:

“I would highly discourage people from giving up on water. Our whole body is 70 percent water… this is a recipe for disaster. Hydration is important for concentration, mood and well being, as well as physical activity. We need water to break down all the nutrients, we need it for our metabolism… There’s so much more to suggest that dehydration isn’t good for you.”

What do U think about this “no water” fad, Perezcious readers?

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