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Guy Lies To Bartender About Being Alone When He Goes To Buy Wine For His Date, Ends Up Spending The Evening With Him


There are many ways to screw up a date. You could spend the evening talking about yourself only, or your ex, or you can get steaming drunk and make a complete ass of yourself, for example. This story, posted on subreddit r/tifu back in 2015, is a much more wholesome way of doing it though, and is a good reminder to never lie to your bartender.

Image credits: alan-light (not the actual photo)

It began at the cinema, and a fancy one at that. In Europe, it’s quite normal to grab a couple of beers for the movie, but this place, presumably somewhere in the U.S., had wine. Wine!

Thing is, when you are buying a bottle and need two glasses, you gotta produce two separate IDs, and here things began to get interesting. What to do? This is where the crucial mistake occurred.

Now, this bartender had clearly taken a shine to this guy. Either that, or Jared is simply one of the nicest and most sympathetic people around. But how would his date react? Would she be as understanding?

What a wholesome ending to this amusing tale, and even though the date was ‘ruined,’ it was a memorable and funny experience for both of them. We can only hope that Jared wasn’t harboring any romantic hopes, and was simply a kind and empathetic person. Otherwise, there might’ve been a tinge of disappointment there!

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