Grown Man Attacks Teenage Gym-Goer For The Way He Was Deadlifting


We have become a world obsessed with our workouts at the gym. We are more dedicated than ever before to achieving the ultra-toned body of our dreams. But because dedicating your free time to getting ripped involves a lot of discipline, determination, pain, and hard work, it’s often not the most enjoyable activity in the world.

In fact, it can leave you feeling quite irritable if things just don’t seem to be going your way. And if you think about it, the very concept of the gym is pretty annoying in itself. I mean, you’re surrounded by a load of sweaty, burly guys who hog the equipment and make all kinds of off-putting noises.

But being the polite, civilized people we are, we try, as much as possible, to ignore the annoying gym goers we’ve been lumped together with. Well, most of us would react in this rather passive way. Others, however, just don’t give a sh*t and will (literally) throw their weight around to show everyone who’s boss.

A teenager by the name of Charles Laloaonde was one of these “annoying” gym-goers who met his match when a particularly nasty gym tyrant started to get p*ssed off.

You can see the full incident in the video below:

The young weightlifter from Montreal, Canada was attacked in the middle of his workout by a fellow gym-goer because he was making far too much noise for the other guy’s liking.

The victim was performing a deadlift at a Buzz Fit gym just before he was attacked but had tried to lessen the impact of the weights hitting the ground by placing mats under them. Clearly, his efforts weren’t at all appreciated by his attacker.

So what exactly did the angry gym fanatic do? Well, he walked over to the Charles, not even attempting to disguise his hostility, and using the full force of his foot stomps down on the weight, mid-lift, causing the shocked teen to drop it.

Afterward, the attacker, still enraged, repeatedly tells Charles to leave despite not even being an employee at the gym. Initially, the teen stands his ground and defends his right to be at the gym. However, the argument becomes increasingly tenser as the gym enthusiast refuses to back down.

But because the teen did not immediately make a straight beeline for the exit, his opponent decides to take it a step further. So it starts to get physical, with the angry man aggressively grabbing Charles’ arm, before shoving him hard against the wall.

Realizing that this guy means business, Charles decides he had better go, telling the impatient man: “Let me take my sh*t. What the f*** is wrong with you?”

“I’m waiting! Get out!” the guy shouts as Charles goes over to retrieve the camera he was filming his workout on and the same camera which captured the fierce confrontation.

The video was later uploaded by Charles’ personal trainer Peter Rupish after he was given footage of the regrettable incident.

The caption alongside the video reads:

“The backstory is that the staff at a Buzz Fit gym in Montreal, Quebec have given my client a hard time in past weeks about deadlifting too loudly in the gym.

“They said he still could, but he had to place mats underneath the plates. So he did as they asked. A random bystander, not a staff member, (wearing an Animal shirt of all things: my sponsor) took it upon himself to confront him after he deemed his deadlifts to be too loud.”

There’s no denying that the man’s behavior was unreasonable and intimidating but what really fuelled the Charles’ anger was the way in which he stomped down on the weight while the kid was using it.

Luckily, he didn’t sustain any serious injuries but if he had been less fortunate, it could well have caused serious physical damage.

Unsurprisingly, Charles has decided to press charges against his attacker and according to Rupish, he has been given a free year-long membership to the SSP Barbell Club. Plus the attacker has allegedly been banned from the Buzz Fit gym.

You can’t say he didn’t get was coming to him…

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