Girl Gives Guy A Fake Number, He Ends Up Going On A Date With A Gorgeous Actress After Texting Her By Accident


You’d think that when somebody you like gives you a fake number, things turn out wrong. But sometimes, the universe can give you a blessing in disguise. That’s what happened to a guy named Mike, a 30-year-old English teacher from Cleveland.

Mike thought he was texting a girl he went on a virtual date with, but it turns out that she gave him a fake number. So his text and a photo of a lemon bundt cake that he baked went to actor and singer Codie Higer instead.

26-year-old Codie and Mike got to talking, got acquainted, and set up a FaceTime date. Romance in the time of quarantine? You bet!

Meet Codie. She’s an actress who got an unexpected text from a stranger one night

Image credits: codiehiger

Image credits: codiehiger

A guy named Mike sent her a picture of a cake he baked. Turns out, he got fake-numbered by a girl he went on a virtual date with

The two got to talking and…

…Codie and Mike went on a FaceTime date!

Image credits: codiehiger

Image credits: codiehiger

Image credits: codiehiger

Image credits: codiehiger

Dating during the pandemic is possible. All you need is some creativity

Image credits: codiehiger

The duo had another date lined up

Image credits: codiehiger

Image credits: codiehiger

Codie is currently staying with her mother in Cleveland because of the coronavirus pandemic, but her entire life is in New York. It looks like a twist of fate that both Mike and Codie are in Cleveland right now, doesn’t it?

She told Elite Daily that her FaceTime date with Mike was fun and went well. “We acknowledged how bizarre the situation was and talked about movies, books, and each other’s careers.”

According to Codie, her date was very curious about her life in NYC and what it’s like to be an auditioning actor. Meanwhile, she asked Mike about the difficulties of being a teacher during the pandemic.

“We have a surprising amount in common! As far as I can tell, there was chemistry—we made each other laugh a lot, which is always a great sign.”

Since then, the two have been texting every day and even made plans for a second date. Codie said that she isn’t using any dating apps and wasn’t even considering the possibility of dating during the quarantine. However, things change.

“I’m always open to possibilities so… we’ll see! I will say, it didn’t actually feel as weird as I had expected to FaceTime a total stranger. I’m used to the weirdness of first dates and this didn’t feel that different! I’m a very outgoing person and I am always curious to meet new people, so this wasn’t that foreign for me.”

People loved the story and can’t wait to find out where things go

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