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Georgia Child Finds $40,000 Worth Of METH Inside A Box Of Legos! – Perez Hilton


Not exactly playtime appropriate…

A Georgia woman accidentally committed a crime when she transported a box of Legos across state borders that unknowingly contained several pounds of methamphetamine inside of it!

According to the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, the unidentified woman purchased a seemingly ordinary box of legos at a consignment shop in Charleston, South Carolina then transported it approximately 150 miles to Bulloch County, Georgia to give to a young child.

Upon returning home, the woman presented the kid with the gift and the two proceeded to open it together — only to discover “a quantity of methamphetamine instead of Legos,” according to a Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office. Whoopsie?

Speaking to the Statesboro Herald, Investigator Lt. Jim Riggs revealed that the box contained more than three pounds of methamphetamine, which was worth approximately $40,000, and — to the child’s dismay — zero legos.

After making the shocking discovery, the woman contacted local authorities and turned the drugs over to Bulloch County Sheriff’s Investigator Jason Borne.

From there, per the department’s post, Borne contacted the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who determined that the box may have unknowingly been purchased at a storage auction and found its way to the Charleston consignment store.

They explained in the Facebook post:

“The DEA believes the package was possibly purchased as part of some type of storage auction and eventually made its way to the consignment company without anyone’s knowledge.”

Another theory agents came up with, according to Lt. Riggs, was that the package may have been mailed to the wrong address and landed in the hands of a U.S. Postal Service worker, who sold it to the consignment shop.

Riggs went on to explain that drug dealers usually ship their products to empty or abandoned addresses where their colleagues (so to speak) could pick them up; however, postal workers will not deliver to those addresses without a recipient present.

In such cases, the mail workers bring the packages back to the post office, where the packages can be put up for auction a la Storage Wars. The DEA believes this was the most likely scenario in this case.

Officials said that no charges will be filed against the woman nor the consignment shop, as they were allegedly unaware of the drugs inside the box.

It’s unclear if the child ever received an actual box of legos.

[Image via Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook]

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