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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Offers Soothing Musical Medicine For Those Still Sick After – Perez Hilton



Sunday’s Game Of Thrones was one of the biggest gut punches in TV history.

Not only was it considered by many to be an extreme misfire in storytelling, it was also painful to watch on an emotional level as fans experienced one of the most upsetting moments on the show since the Red Wedding — the death of the beloved Missandei.

The fan favorite, who had been a loyal friend and trusted adviser to Queen Daenerys Targaryen since Season 3, was captured and executed as a prisoner of war.

Adding to the tragedy was her beloved Grey Worm was forced to watch — and unable to lift a finger to help.

Thankfully, Grey Worm actor Jacob Anderson knows the pain fans are going through. On Twitter Tuesday, he offered up this adorable behind-the-scenes video with costar Nathalie Emmanuel to try and cheer everyone up:

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