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Family With Kids Run For Their Lives After Being Chased By Cheetahs In Safari Park


One of the most terrifying, most traumatic situations you can possibly find yourself in is being chased by a wild animal. Especially if you’ve seen that animal tear apart antelope on wildlife documentaries.

But despite the fact the mere thought of it is enough to make you shudder in sheer trepidation, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever be confronted with such an ordeal.

However, that’s not to say that it never happens – in fact, we often hear of reckless people going into lion enclosures and not making it out alive.

One of the most recent sinister wild animal/human altercations occurred at a safari park in the Netherlands.

After exiting their vehicle (which was obviously a stupid thing to do), they found themselves running for their lives when they were chased by the fastest land animal on the planet.

Check out the heart-stopping footage in the video below:

The video, which was filmed by an unidentified bystander, shows the family being chased by the cheetahs after leaving their car to take some snaps.

The safari park in question, called Beekse Bergen, is a drive-through African wildlife safari park in the southern Netherlands and visitors are informed that they should – under no circumstances – get out of their cars.

However, the family of five seemed to have missed this crucial memo and are seen leaving their vehicle right in the middle of the park where some cheetahs lie out in the sun.

A man in the car behind begins filming the incident and it is clear that he and the other passengers cannot believe what they are seeing when the visitors get out of a France-registered car to take photos of the predators.

They then drive a little down the road and decide to get out yet again, stopping on a small hill not far from where the cheetahs are resting.

As to be expected, the cheetahs – an animal known for its incredible speed by anybody with common sense – get up and make a swift beeline towards the family of three adults and two children.

The tourists then spot the cheetahs when it appears to be too late – they are moments away from being turned into their prey.

They all run, in utter desperation, toward the car, except for one woman who can be seen picking up the youngest child while walking past the cheetahs. Fortunately, the cheetahs seem to have little interest in eating the unexpected intruders.

Amazingly, every single member of the group makes it back inside the car without so much as a scratch to the astonishment of the Dutch person filming in the car behind who can be heard shouting “what the f***”. My thoughts exactly.

A spokesperson for the Beekse Bergen park has since clarified that much emphasis is placed on the fact that it is forbidden to leave your vehicle.

“We inform visitors about the risks in several languages throughout the park,” he told Dutch broadcaster NOS.

It is pretty incredible that the family managed to survive what could have been a very tragic ordeal. You’d have thought that with a couple of kids in tow, they’d be a lot more careful when surrounded by wild animals with a natural instinct to kill.

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