Experts Warn United States Should Brace For 200,000+ Coronavirus Deaths – Perez Hilton


If you didn’t yet think the coronavirus pandemic

The good doctor got real with Tapper about both a worst-case scenario (millions of deaths) and a very likely scenario (at least several hundred thousand deaths) in seeing how this pandemic will play out. Ultimately, as you can see in the interview segment up top, Fauci noted models suggest it’s very likely the United States will see as many as 200,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the coming months as this thing plays itself out.

Obviously, as Fauci notes, that number is a moving target and will change some based on the actions taken now by state and local governments. But still… that’s a HUGE number, along with his note that it’s almost a foregone conclusion at this point that

Here’s hoping President Donald Trumpwho infamously said earlier this week he wants to “re-open” the country by Easter — will seriously change his tune on that and listen to the public health experts working diligently for his administration. What a time to be alive…

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?! We’ve been in self-isolation mode for a few weeks now, as Tapper notes in the video clip (above), and yet at points like this it still doesn’t even seem real… like a horrifying nightmare, or something out of a movie. So unsettling. Ugh!!!

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