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Expert Argues That Parents Need To Get Consent Before Changing Their Baby’s Diapers


We live in a time where the issue of ‘consent’ is an extremely volatile subject.

The issue mainly surrounds sexual assault, and the fact that unless a person has given their full consent, then you should not touch, grab, grope, stroke, kiss or have sex with them.

It should be a fairly simple concept, but as the #MeToo campaign has clearly pointed out following the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, so many people simply cannot come to grips with the issue of consent.

If you see an attractive person dancing in a club and think they would appreciate an unsolicited slap on the ass – then you need to seriously rethink your morals. And if you think you can go even further than this without their permission, then you are a danger to society – and sadly, as we all know, there are many people out there who do think like this.

However, with tensions running high about when and where people need consent, many debates have been started about what age consent is necessary – more specifically, with who.

Now, ABC has come under fire for airing a segment which saw a ‘Sexuality Expert’ calling for parents to ask for their baby’s consent when it came to changing their diapers.

Sound ridiculous? Well check out the ludicrous video below:

So infuriated by the notion was Sky News commentator Rowan Dean, that his would label it “lefty lunacy”. (I’m not quite sure how the issue of left-wing politics and right-wing politics comes into it – I think it’s more just about common sense.)

In the video, expert Deanne Carson is discussing the issue of establishing a ‘culture of consent’ in family homes, starting at birth. She then provides the mind-boggling example of diaper changing.

What makes it more ridiculous is that she even says the words, “the baby is not going to respond” – making her argument seemingly invalid.

Mr Dean of Sky News appeared to be simply lost for words after viewing the segment, saying: “Consent for changing nappies. I’m not sure that would – I think that might get a bit – anyway, I won’t go there.”

According to her Twitter platform, Ms Carson is a ‘sexuality educator, speaker and author’ atBody Safety Australia.

It is important to point out that their official website states the social enterprise works to protect children from sexual abuse with whole community solutions – which is a very commendable and beneficial cause.

On their official site, Body Safety Australia explains how they are “empowering children with their rights while educating families and professionals, the burden of responsibility is placed squarely on adults to protect children.”

Personally, I am all for teaching children about consent from a young age – as we all should be – it just helps make for a better and safer world. In fact, I personally believe it is wrong for parents to make their children hug somebody else. If a child is being shy and doesn’t want to hug you, don’t make them.

But a parent asking for an infant’s permission to change their dirty diaper? Don’t be so ridiculous.

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