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Escaped Python Sparks Panic on Busy Road During Rush Hour – Video


This is the terrifying moment a rampaging python brought havoc on a busy road as drivers battled to catch it in a cardboard box.
The 12ft long python brought traffic to a stop during rush hour in Pasay City in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines on September 20th, 2018.
Footage shows dozens of men standing around the snake as it tries to evade capture, slithering along the tarmac towards bushes in a central reservation.
They eventually managed to pounce on the unwelcome road user but struggled to get a hold of it inside the flimsy cardboard box.
A traffic policeman arrived and pulled the serpent to the side of the road, before using a plastic crate, a black sheet and other tools before finally putting it into a sack.
The sighting of the snake was particularly unusual in the highly urban, concrete area of the capital region of Manila.
Shocken onlooker Maryann Te said: ”There was a big crowd of people all standing around so I went over to look. Pedestrians and drivers went to see it.

Some Quotes from onlookers:
“The snake suddenly jumped up and tried to get away. It was a shock, very scary.”
“The snake was very big, and I’ve never seen one like this on the road. I don’t know where it came from. It took quite a long time to catch it.”
“The snake should definitely not have been on the road. It could have caused an accident.:

Police called animal handlers who arrived on the scene and took the python away from the urban area to be released into the wild.

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