Dog Discovers Litter Of Kittens Trembling Under An Overturned Boat


Due to their great senses of smell and hearing, our dogs can perceive things we would usually miss.

That’s why people report their pups alerting before earthquakes and sometimes even medical events. But in our day-to-day lives, they’re just more likely to tell us about the mailman outside or a wild animal outside.

When one man brought his Dachshund to a bachelor party in the woods, there were so many new smells for her to enjoy. What she found, though, surprised them all.

The pup began circling the boat and whimpering. She just wouldn’t leave it alone.

That’s when she started digging and became obsessed with getting under there.

And she found kittens!!!

These little fluff balls were all alone.

The doggo was very motherly toward them, immediately wanting to protect them.

Ugh, my heart can’t take all the love!

The men got a good look at the kitties and decided to rescue them from under the boat.

Any bachelor party with tiny kittens sounds like a great bachelor party to me!

As they said in their Imgur post, where you can see even more pictures, it’s a “boatload of awwwww.”

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