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Dakota Johnson Staring Down Angelina Jolie As She Ignored Jennifer Aniston At The Golden Globes Is BEYOND Perfection!


Dakota Johnson has never been so relatable in her entire damn life.

Okay, so by now, you’ve heard that the Golden Globes took place on Sunday evening. Celebs both big and small graced the Tinseltown event with their presence — which means Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were BOTH at the award show. This captured pretty much EVERYONE’S attention as, over a decade ago, the tabloids blamed Angie for the demise of Brad Pitt‘s marriage to the Friends actress.

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Well, all these years later, Miz Jolie is making headlines with Pitt once again — only this time it’s about HER divorce to the Hollywood hunk. All caught up?? Good.

Here’s where Dakota comes in…

During the Globes, Aniston took to the stage alongside Carol Burnett. While almost everyone was busy paying attention to what was going on onstage, two actresses were distracted. Rather than pay attention to what Jennifer was saying, Angelina munched on a snack. Dakota caught wind of this OBVIOUSLY awkward situation and shot the actress turned director the side eye to end all side eyes.

Don’t believe us??? Be sure to ch-ch-check out the HIGHlarious moment for yourself (below).

In that moment, Dakota embodied all of us. And it seems the internet agree with us, as fans weighed in on Twitter:

Things became MORE AWKWARD when the mother of six inadvertently gave the TV star a standing ovation. Fans astutely noticed:

Oh, what a night. LOLz!!

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