Colorado Healthcare Workers Clash With Protestors Sick Of Stay-At-Home Orders Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic – Perez Hilton


While the global fight against the novel coronavirus rages on, a new fight has begun between healthcare workers and local residents who are fed up with stay-at-home orders to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

This week, several demonstrations broke out in states across the country including Ohio, Minnesota, Washington, Kentucky, and Colorado, where people demanded their government agencies return things back to normal in the “land of the free” amid the pandemic.

At least two medical workers in scrubs and N95 masks were spotted blocking angry protestors who gathered in Denver on Sunday afternoon. Armed with signs and their respective vehicles, demonstrators flooded the streets and called for an end to strict, ongoing safer-at-home measures. Photojournalist Alyson McClaran was on the scene and captured images of the standoff, as seen (below):

McClaran described the sequence of events to the New York Times, noting:

“They were blocking the roads until the police force stepped in. People were putting their cars right up against them.”

Video of the incident shows a woman in an American flag T-shirt hanging out of her car window to yell at the healthcare workers, arguing the state-enforced measures are comparable to communism:

“Go to China if you want communism!”

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