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Chrissy Teigen Shares Super-Revealing Breastfeeding Pic And Claps Back At Hater Who Criticized Her For It!


What the hell is up with social media users today voicing their opinions when they’d be better off keeping their mouths shut??? (Or, at least not tagging celebrities when they DO voice their opinions!!)


One social media user decided to share her opinion (which, like, nobody cares what you think but that’s fine) — and she opted to tag Chrissy in the tweet (below):

Christ in a hand basket!

Uhhh… have you ever heard of scrolling past the post and on to the next thing? Or, like, unfollowing people on social media?! What a concept!!

Fortunately, great minds think alike, because Chrissy rightfully called the girl out (below):


Photo: Chrissy Trolls John Legend With The Shadiest Pic

There are many correct responses to reacting to something you don’t like on social media; turn your phone off, get out of the app, get off line, go take a walk, unfollow the person responsible for the post, etc., etc.

It just seems a little extra (not to mention SUEPR whiny) to just sit there and pointlessly tweet your complaints about it when there are, like, actual solutions, ya know? Who do you think you are, Donald Trump?

Just sayin’!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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