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Charles Barkley Apologizes After Threatening To Hit Female Reporter – WTF, Chuck?! – Perez Hilton


One of the greatest NBA players of all time is in the middle of a completely avoidable controversy this week after he threatened physical violence against a female political reporter at an Atlanta-area bar.

Charles Barkley officially apologized in a statement released by his employer, broadcast company Turner Sports, on Wednesday, not even 24 hours after Axios political reporter Alexi McCammond came forward to reveal that the former basketball star threatened to hit her while the two were talking at the bar yesterday evening.

The entire controversy began late Tuesday night, when McCammond — who was in Atlanta working ahead of Wednesday night’s Democratic debate held in the southern city — tweeted she had run across Barkley at a bar in town.

During an off-the-record conversation, according to the young reporter, she asked the former pro athlete who he was supporting for President during this election cycle.

According to McCammond, the threats came after Barkley initially began to talk up former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, before suddenly shifting to support of candidate Pete Buttigieg once in the presence of his campaign aides. When the Axios journo pointed out Chuck’s back-and-forth, she tweeted (below) that he allegedly threatened her for it, saying:

“I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you.”


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