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Building That Looks Like A Fish At Night And 11 Other Structures Won The 2019 Art Of Building Photo Contest


Art comes in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s visual, aural or experiential, digital or physical, written or drawn—the list can be as extensive as human imagination and ambition is.

And then there’s art inside art, a sort of combined art (artception… no?) that adds a whole new dimension to how we live it. Take architecture and photography, for instance. Both are considered forms of art and both can coexist together inside a single medium to create a marvelously unique experience.

Well, the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) Art of Building photography competition deals with just that: encourages photographers around the world to immortalize buildings and structures from a perspective that was never seen before.

The CIOB recently hosted their 10th annual Art of Building photography competition, which serves as an international showcase for the best digital photography of the built environment. Bored Panda reached out to the CIOB for an interview on this year’s competition, the winners of which you can find below. We also got in touch with Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, the winner of this year’s Judge’s Prize in the Art Of Building competition with his photo entitled Fish.


22 hours ago

Is this a Calatrava? He’s a wonderful architect.

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21 hours ago

It’s dangerous to stand that close to the edge

The Art of Building photography competition is run by the Chartered Institute of Building as a celebration of the construction industry, the passion of the individuals in it, and the impact that their work has on those who make use of the final construction.

According to Saul Townsend, the Head of Content and Communications at the CIOB, this year they had more than 3,500 photo submissions coming in from over 100 countries around the globe. This amounts to almost 40,000 entries over the entirety of the competition since its launch in 2010.

“We have had almost 40,000 entries into the competition over the years and just when you think you have seen it all, something comes and surprises you. Skyscrapers, for example, are fantastic photography candy, the sheer size and scale make them a great photo to take,” explained Townsend.


1 day ago

I have no idea what I’m looking at here.

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1 day ago

This color palette is gorgeous! So serene.


2 minutes ago

very cool, but SO much post-processing on the photo, is it still a pure photo anymore?


6 hours ago

Foreign Target stores are much fancier than ours…

Lastly, we asked Saul Townsend about his speculations on what could possibly be some buildings that photographers will submit in the 2020 competition? He said this: “Over the years, we see a lot of people entering the competition who look back and see what won the previous year. For example, a staircase that made it look like you were seeing an ‘eye in the building’ won a previous year and since then, we have seen lots of staircase spiral shots. I think in 2020, we might see more animal-themed buildings as we did with the year’s Judges Prize winner. That would be great, the more and more we see how the natural world is influencing the way we design buildings.”

What is your favorite in this year’s Art of Building photography competition? Leave a comment in the comments section below!


9 hours ago

I don’t care much for the building. Interesting name though.

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