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Britney Spears Skips Court Hearing As Her Parents Battle Over Conservatorship Drama – Perez Hilton


The battle over Britney Spears isn’t over yet!

Although her father Jamie Spears 

During the hearing (which Brit was not present for) Jamie stood on one side with his attorneys and the Grammy winner’s longtime “care-manager” Jodi Montgomery, who was appointed as conservator and given the “same powers” as Mr. Spears. On the other side was Mrs. Lynne Spears along with her daughter’s lawyer Sam Ingham. This is all according to Us Weekly.

The judge granted a motion to seal documents and transcripts, which likely contain personal and sensitive materials about the 37-year-old and her family (much like when Jamie asked the court room to be cleared of outsiders during the last hearing).

While Montgomery may have the same powers Brit’s dad previously had with regards to her personal affairs, including security and medical care, he still controls his daughter’s estate, and according to documents obtained by Us Weekly, was ordered to send Jodi payments during the hearing.

Although the Toxic singer was not present, we can imagine how she’s feeling about all of this. A source shared with the publication she wanted her 67-year-old father removed “immediately” as the conservator of her estate, estimated to be valued at over $100 million. So, who will take on the job?

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