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Brad Pitt Pokes Fun At Himself AGAIN In Film Fest Acceptance Speech! Watch! – Perez Hilton


Um, when did Brad Pitt get so freakin’ funny??

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star absolutely slayed the room with

On Wednesday night Brad was honored with another award, this one at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Presenting him with the Maltin Modern Masters Award was David Fincher, who directed the star in early hits Se7en and Fight Club. After a lovely introduction, Brad came out and tore the roof off the place, quipping:

“That is so god damn funny. If you could hear the way we rip on each other weekly… That was so kind! That was so nice! He’s never said that s**t to me ever! Ever!”

He also thanked the man for whom the award is named, film critic Leonard Maltin, who presented a reel showing Brad’s years of work in cinema.

Brad once again put his roastmaster’s jacket on, saying:

“I’ve always appreciated your words on film… I find you a bit judgy. A little judgy. I thought that was a pretty good presentation though, I would say we had a really good start, a couple logic issues along the way. Your protagonist, eh, a few lulls, but good finish. Big finish. I’m gonna give you three stars.”

Ha! Film critic burn!

Brad then turned it back on himself, joking:

“It’s things like this and nights like these that tell me… I’m old. I’ve been around a while, been doing this for a bit. Like I can’t do night shoots anymore. I’ll gladly hand a stunt over to a stunt man. I no longer remember the first rule of Fight Club.”

Ha! Brad should win more awards just to get his standup routine down; he really is putting together a tight five! LOLz!

He also joked about his past hairstyle choices, reflecting:

“I have friends here in the audience that have known me since I had a mullet. When I moved out here in the late ’80s, if you remember Bono or like Andre Agassi at that time? They would have genuflected if they saw me.”

OMG! The image of Andre Agassi bowing down to the superior mullet is truly hysterical!

See Brad’s full speech, including the humble and grateful parts along with the hilarious (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/20th Century Fox/YouTube.]

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