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Bizarre Footage Of An ‘Alien’ Shedding Its Skin Has Emerged


As technology becomes more advanced, we are slowly but surely coming closer to making contact with extraterrestrial life. The possibility that we are not alone in the universe has fascinated generations. In fact, aliens were even mentioned in the Bible!

Last year, Fox reported that UFO sightings were at an all-time high, with the majority of incidents occurring in the United States. A report based on the National UFO Reporting Center’s statistics revealed there have been 104,947 reported sightings of aliens since 1905. In 2010, there had been 45,000 sightings – so our imaginations are either becoming more vivid, or something inexplicable is going on. While there is no way of absolutely proving these incidents, in December 2017, NASA revealed that the Kepler telescope had discovered that there are 40 billion rocky, Earth-size exoplanets in the Milky Way alone. But even more excitingly, 11 million of them orbit sun-like stars. Although the likelihood of us being alone in the universe has gotten even slimmer, only time will tell if and when we will make contact with extraterrestrial life. Some NASA scientists have estimated that if E.T. is out there, we will know within the next 20 years. Now, incredible footage has emerged that has caused some people to speculate that we have already found extraterrestrial life!

The footage in question is of a large alien-like spider. It was posted to a Facebook group yesterday and quickly garnered more than 13,000 views. Recorded by a woman named Sandra Adaway, the video shows what is believed to be a male huntsman spider shedding its skin. The spider can be seen writhing and squirming to free itself from its old skin which makes it look even larger and bizarre than it actually is. After the process was over, the woman who filmed the event in Sebastopol, a Ballarat suburb in Australia, thought that he “had died” because the spider lay lifeless for around five minutes. Thankfully, however, the animal was perfectly fine. It did not take long for other people who knew about huntsman spiders to comment on the footage. One amazed viewer wrote, “Wow! I always find their moults but never caught one in the act before. How disgustingly fascinating.” “I have a huntsman called Heather who shares my house but I have still never been lucky enough to see this before!” another viewer added. Some viewers, however, couldn’t help but comment on how terrifying the footage was. “Were any of you getting worried about Spidey jumping out at the camera? I was on the edge watching this!” one wrote. Huntsman spiders are sometimes referred to as giant crab spiders, so it’s no wonder that the spider is in the video was assumed by some to be an alien. But despite its terrifying appearance, this species is generally regarded as harmless. However, if a huntsman as large as the one in this video bites a person, it could be quite a nasty injury even though their venom isn’t poisonous. These giant arachnids are typically found in the world’s warmest regions. Another huntsman spider ended up making the news last year when a woman discovered it lurking over her bed and took to Reddit to ask for advice on how to remove it. “There is a huntsman in my room and I’m nervous to turn the lights off,” she wrote. “Need help easing my mind.” But the responses she received were far from comforting. One user wrote, “The only peace is knowing this is the end for you. It is your time.” Another added, “Hopefully it will accept your husband as a sacrifice and leave you alone.”

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