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Bachelor Peter Weber Dishes Out Breakup Advice To A Heartbroken Fan – Oh, The Irony! – Perez Hilton


The new poster child for bad breakups is speaking out so listen up carefully!!

During an impromptu Instagram Q&A session on Sunday, Peter Weber used his massive platform to connect with fans and answer all of their burning questions about his life, relationships, and recent time on The Bachelor. After wrapping up his season with

The open conversation touched on everything from the 28-year-old’s post-show plans to his favorite travel destinations to his biggest regrets and accomplishments. Pilot Pete answered them all, including one user’s request for advice to get over a major heartbreak. The anonymous fan asked:

“Advice for someone who was just broken up with out of a 3 year relationship?”

To which, Weber responded:

“Breakups are supposed to hurt. But I believe things happen for a reason and you’re one step closer to your person now. You should never want to be with someone that doesn’t want you back the same way.”

Ohhh, you don’t say?? See the reply over a pensive shot of himself (below):

Sure, both of his breakups with Madison happened for a reason and besides the fact they held different core beliefs, we’re sure his

It’s a good thing both ladies seem to be bouncing back well after dating the ABC star. As for Pete, he’s clearly trying to put his heartbreak knowledge to good use, but again, take this advice yourself, dude! In other related happy news, the former Bachelor revealed plans to move out on his own in either LA or New York City for “about a year.” Sorry, Barbara and Peter Sr.!

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