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Australian Firefighters Pose With Animals For 2020 Charity Calendar, And The Photos Are So Hot They May Start Fires


The perfect mix of manliness, hotness, and kind-hearted softness. Sizzling-hot bad boys with hearts of gold. Animal lovers with spines and abs of steel. There are many ways that I could describe Australian firefighters. But the fact of the matter is simple: they’re everyday heroes who save lives, don’t take off their superhero capes when the fire is out, and stand as an example of how to live your life.

This year, once again, the firefighters of Australia are inspiring us to aim for new heights with their 6 new calendars for 2020. Five of these calendars feature all sorts of animals: from cute kittens and puppies with boopable noses to horses, farm animals, and wildlife. Did I mention that the animal-friendly firefighters are showing off their bulging muscles and sculpted bodies? Oh, and they’re doing it all for charity. Talk about all-in-one.

Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics, and remember to share with all of your friends. In case you need an extra dose of Australian hotness mixed with sweetness, check out some of the previous firefighter calendars featured on Bored Panda here, here, and here.

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The Australian Firefighters Calendar has been a tradition for the past 27 years. Since 1993, firefighters from Australia’s Urban, Rural, Armed Forces, Aviation, and corporate services have worked together to aid charity, make people swoon with their Adonis-like bodies, and inspire others to get in shape.




However, the 2020 calendar is different in one way: it also features some firefighters from France, as well as Germany. Next year, the joy will be global, as the first-ever International Firefighters Calendar will be launched, so mark that fact down on your 2020 calendar.




Charity is the name of the game when it comes to the Australian Firefighters Calendar. This year, the flame-destroyers decided to support small, local Australian charities that focus on helping native, rescue and therapy animals.




Among these charities are Healing Hooves (that helps children suffering from Autism and Asperger’s syndrome), Currumbin Wildlife Hospital (that cares for injured Australian animals), as well as BackTrack (which uses cattle dogs to help disaffected youth get their lives back on track).




What do you think of the 2020 calendars, dear Pandas? Would you hang one of them up on your wall at home or at work? Which photo was your favorite?










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