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Artist Transforms Pets Into Pokmon Cards (30 Pics)


Since its launch in October 1996, Pokémon Trading Card Game cards have been a huge success. An obsessed fandom from all around the world was on a quest to ‘catch ’em all’! As of the end of March 2019, over 27.2 billion cards were sold worldwide. And that means that each person on the planet could have more than 3 cards!

Some of the rarest cards are worth a fortune and haunt collectors’ dreams to this day. And if you have always wanted the most powerful card, I think we’ve found your golden Pokémon. Or should I say Poképet?

Italy-based Brazilian artist Stephanie Parcus (otherwise known as WildpetsCreations) transforms pets into custom Pokémon cards and they are the most adorable things ever! One-of-a-kind cards are entirely customizable with a pet’s attacks, weaknesses, strengths, and illustration drawn based on an image. Pets even have their type and species to become fully-fledged members of the legendary Pokémon universe!

Raise your shields, all the geeky pet owners out there, time to put Pokémon pets into a battle of cuteness! And a few of them are definitely not to be messed with…


“The Orby Pokémon are so loyal, they don’t need a Poké balls, as long as they are well fed.”


“Defence specialist. Slow and steady wins the battle!”


“Many trainers have disappeared while searching for Yuki. It is said you can hear a death-like meow that tricks you into bringing cat food.”


“Watch out for powerful body slam.”


“This loud feline is always ready for adventures but is no stranger to cuddles.”


“She keeps her humans well trained and purr can be heard for miles. “Judgemental Glare” is definitely a strong move.”


“This Pokémon, with her adorable ears and whiskers, will always be loved and never forgotten. Rest easy Lola, you fat lard! “


“Mickey Claws of Steel. An old cat. Uncommon. Make sure he doesn’t claw you by surprise…”


“Despite its flaming feathers, this Pokémon will grow attached and cuddle up to its trainers.”


“This feline is the queen of her domain! Rainbow psychic waves for her!”


“This canine Pokémon can be lured with human food, such as spaghetti and broccoli.”


“Asmatic purr and midnight riot… This moose has strong moves!”


“You will often find this Pokémon sleeping on his trainer’s lap or inside a hat. He is a friendly and loyal companion.”


“This Canine Pokémon is really hard to catch, but when tamed he will be as loyal as possible. He enjoys hunting and chasing waves on the seaside.”


“A wild Diamond is really hard to catch, but when tamed, will love and protect its trainer.”


“This gift had her very first picture taken with her cat illustrated in a card. Good memories!”


“Ghosts were thought to have disappeared in the wild for ages… There are rumours of a trainer in Texas that caught one.”


“This swift and agile Pokémon can climb mountains, swim in lakes, and of course lick your face.”


“This water Pokémon’s ability Tail and Fin Flare is intimidating and beautiful at the same time.”


“This is one tough wienie! His best friends are German Shepherds.”

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“Very stubborn and only listens when it wants. Staring into its eyes can leave you bemused and defenseless to its will.”


“Sophie Tails RIP, she was a tough crossbred Blue Heeler and Scottish Terrier, an excellent companion, very smart and independent thinker, but with a big heart and love to her trainers.”


“This feline lures unsuspecting humans with its cute gaze!”


“An energetic canine Pokémon, with a lot of motherly love.”


“Pocpoc! This talkative cat can’t wait for the food cabinet to open. Meoooow!!!!”


“This intelligent Pokemon is lively and playful! A great companion for a trainer’s adventures!”

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“This Pokémon loves belly rubs and hates being separated from her trainer.”


“Strongest attack: SHED, Dexter lets free his marvelous coat causing damage to nearby enemies… It also cause damage to furniture and trainer’s clothes though!”


“A gentle and cuddly Pokémon… he loves eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping.”


“A Pokémon that knows it’s beautiful and only cares about food or attention… This canine is a feline inside???”

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