After Being Forced To Homeschool Their Children Due To Coronavirus, Parents Realize That Teachers Deserve More Respect


The world is facing a pandemic and for this reason, to get the crisis under control, health officials are recommending that everyone stay home. Schools are being closed down, which means that many children who don’t have the opportunity to take remote classes are being homeschooled by their parents. And just hours into the homeschooling process, many of them have realized just how grateful they are for teachers.

Some parents took to Twitter to express their gratefulness for teachers

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Pictures posted to social media show some kids doing their school work under their parents’ strict supervision, while some little rascals are left to their own devices as many parents are forced to combine their own work with homeschooling. If anything, the situation is reminiscent of the ever-funny viral video of a BBC commentator whose children burst into the room while the man was mid-broadcast.

The viral Twitter thread started off with a tweet from Shonda Rhimes who now homeschools her two young children

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Shonda Rhimes—a well-known TV producer and author—tweets about how she has been homeschooling her 6-year-old and 8-year-old for a little bit more than an hour. Apparently, the time frame was enough to make the woman appreciate her kids’ teachers like she never has before. “Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year,” she writes. “Or a week,” Shonda then corrects herself. “Now imagine 25 of them in one classroom!” another woman comments, making us all feel guilty for the way we treated our teachers back in school.

Other parents with similar thoughts quickly chimed in

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One woman also shared the schedule she and her kids adhere to

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“We can do a couple of things to make kids feel more secure and to make us feel like we’re making the most of this time”

Luckily, the internet is now full of resources on how to make the homeschooling process more enjoyable for both parties. Firstly, CNN suggests recognizing that homeschooling is not regular school. “Under these circumstances, we’re not going to entirely replace all of the structures that happen at school. But we can do a couple of things to make kids feel more secure and to make us feel like we’re making the most of this time,” Kimberly Fox, staff developer for The Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University in New York, told CNN.

Secondly, the writers of the article recommend parents let their kids get involved in the decision-making since they don’t get to do this often in their regular school environments. Thirdly, the article points out the importance of making a schedule. Then, the writers suggest taking into account that every kid has different needs and it’s the perfect time to recognize that since they’re not crammed into classrooms in huge groups. Lastly, CNN recommends taking regular recesses (like going outside for a bit), letting your kids work independently on some projects, getting crazy with creative crafts, and finally—accepting your own limits and not beating yourself up about something that’s not going right.

Finally, the teachers joined the discussion

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