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5 Spicy Moments From The Jonas Brothers ‘Hot Ones’ Interview! – Perez Hilton


The Jonas Brothers have had some tense moments in their career — but the pressure of answering questions while begin forced to eat increasingly hotter wings?

That’s a new one…

If you’ve never seen a Hot Ones interview before, you are in for a treat.

Video: Jonas Brothers On Billy On The Street

KevinJoe, and Nick try to keep it honest and forthright — while trying to hold it together in the face of extreme spiciness!

Get the breakdown of some of the spiciest answers about musical beefs, significant others, and Game of Thrones mishaps (below)!

John Mayer Stole Their Song

Host Sean Evans asks the JoBros about something fellow songwriter John Mayer told him, about trends in hit songs.

Nick couldn’t help but bring up a little musical dispute:

“It’s funny you bring up John Mayer. He did kind of copy a song of ours. Little known fact. You can look it up on YouTube.”

He elaborated:

“So the story is he came to us at the Grammys years ago and was like, ‘I love your song Lovebug‘… two years later, he released a song and the chorus is literally the same, but with different lyrics.”

But the band took it in stride. Nick said:

“It’s a compliment when someone does that.”

What Does Sophie Turner Hate About Nick?

At one point Nick is forced to ask his brothers a very personal question:

“What’s one complaint your significant others have about me?”

To which Kevin responds Danielle Jonas finds him “intimidating.”

Nick nods in satisfaction:

“I like that.”

Joe, however, is less flattering to Nick’s ego, saying instead new bride Sophie Turner doesn’t like the fact he’s always “late” everywhere.

Sansa Stark is a stickler for punctuality. Who knew?

JAY-Z’s Virgin Jab Was Late

When asked what he thought of JAY-Z‘s verse from On To The Next One:

“No I’m not a Jonas Brother, I’m a grown up,

No, I’m not a virgin, I use my cajones”

Joe responded that he thought it was “awesome” but also spilled that by the time the 2009 track came out, he had already lost his purity ring…

“Little does JAY-Z know, I used my cajones since before that, so… joke’s on you, JAY-Z. Fact check your stuff.”


The Game Of Thrones Starbucks Cup

Joe wants everyone to know he was NOT responsible for that infamous Starbucks cup that ended up on Game of Thrones.

However, he did get a laugh out of it. He says:

“I wish it was me.”

Nick adds:

“That would be so incredible if you actually f**ked something up on Game of Thrones.”

In fact, as a fellow fan and curious party, he got some inside dirt from Sophie — whom he totally calls “my lady” btw — about that and the truck in the background of a previous episode were intentional. He asked her, “Did you start doing that just to mess with the fans?”

“She’s like, ‘No, they literally are like so meticulous about everything.’”

He did say he wished they had left the cup in for posterity instead of digitally removing it:

“Maybe it should just be an easter egg in every scene now.”

Why Kevin Got Subpoenaed In The FIFA Trial

When asked if it was true he had to testify in the infamous 2017 FIFA bribery scandal.

First he said he didn’t want to talk about it because he was “nervous about someone coming to my house.”

Ultimately he does explain why he had to testify: it was “Joe’s fault.”

“Joe was actually the one who got subpoenaed. He had mentioned in a Rolling Stone article that we were at a Paul McCartney concert the day before our concert. Well, the way that I guess the attorney general wanted to prove that this concert actually happened was to prove that someone was there. And the way they could do that was by subpoenaing Joe. Well, he was out of the country, but I was also there. So I had to go in. It was nerve-wracking.”

See more spicy answers and spicier wings in the full interview (below)!

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