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32 Uncomfortable Truths About Relationships For Everyone Thats Single


Ahh, Valentine’s Day… A “holiday” that strikes fear in the hearts of the newly coupled, worried that their gift-giving and grand romantic gestures might not live up to the great expectations foisted upon us from Hallmark and countless RomComs.

It’s also a day for singles to celebrate themselves, their friends and family, and maybe thumb their nose at society’s pressure to be part of a couple come each fourteenth of February. (Hint: singles don’t need a significant other to be able to celebrate how awesome they are!)

These cartoons – originally published in the Washington Post as part of the widely-syndicated Carolyn Hax advice column – point out how complicated people and relationships are, and how sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh.

The artist, Nick Galifianakis, has been drawing his comic “Nick and Zuzu” for the Washington Post for over twenty years. The fact that Carolyn Hax is his ex-wife – and that they continue to work together as happily divorced colleagues – adds more than just a little irony to the work of this “relationship cartoonist”.

Nick has a book of his work available in print: “If You Loved Me, You’d Think This Was Cute: Uncomfortably True Cartoons About You.” The forward is written by his struggling actor cousin, Zach Galifianakis. The perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor, or for that Ex without one!

#1 Party Of One

#2 Amen!

#3 Signs Everywhere

#4 Will You Be My Ex?

#5 But I’m Different

#6 The Burn

#7 The Hand-Me-Down

#8 Trust Your Instincts

#9 Setting The Bar

#10 Familiarity

#11 A2 + B2 = Jerk2

#12 D.I.Y.

#13 The Keeper

#14 The Drag

#15 Tick-Tock…

#16 The Future Viral Video

#17 Things Are Looking Up

#18 Get That Cross-Stitched On A Pillow

#19 Separation

#20 The Bestseller

#21 Why Wait?

#22 The Realist

#23 The Low Bar

#24 The Close Call

#25 Never A Second Date

#26 Compliment Fail

#27 The Anti-Romantic

#28 Putting It Together

#29 Someone For Everyone

#30 Settling

#31 Cheating?

#32 What’s The Secret Word…?

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