30 Hilarious Christmas Fails


We hope you had a pleasant Christmas and a wonderful holiday season! But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the holidays can end up being slightly disappointing. Because they don’t live up to our expectations. Or the hype. Whether you’ve got the holiday blues or just need a good old dose of humor, we’ve got you covered.

Bored Panda compiled this mega-list of the very best Christmas fails and hilarious accidents that are sure to improve your mood and get your spirits up. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of laughter and comparing your situation to that of others to help you realize life isn’t as bad as it might seem.

So grab yourself a cup of hot choccy and some gingerbread cookies and start scrolling. Upvote the funniest pics and let us know in the comments why you liked them. Oh, and be sure to spread some Christmas joy around by sharing this post with your loved ones if you think they’ll enjoy it. Bored Panda spoke with Joshua Becker, creator of Becoming Minimalist, about managing expectations during the holidays, talking with children about the importance of giving vs. the importance of gifts, as well as how to make sure that you’re not disappointed celebrating the New Year. Scroll down for the full in-depth interview.

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Not Only Did Grandpa Already Have This Shirt, He Was Wearing It When He Unwrapped It


Gift I Received. Wrapped In A Such A Way That It Appears As If Linus And Patty Are Getting It On In Front Of Marcie


Merry Christmas, Mom

“I don’t think the trick is to “lower” expectations. Or at least, that’s not the phrasing I would use. It is important to keep “reasonable” expectations and to be clear on our goals for the season,” Becker of Becoming Minimalist told Bored Panda. “All the commercials on TV portray these picture-perfect Christmas scenes with family and decoration and endless smiles. But that’s rarely reality.”

“When we set reasonable expectations for the season (taking into account our family dynamics, limited budget, and available free time), we’re less likely to think perfect is even possible. And when we get clear on our most important goal for the season (whether that be faith-based, family-based, or personal-based), we are more likely to achieve it.”


Grandma Likes To Get Us Puzzles For Christmas. She Thought It Was An Elf


We Left Some Christmas Decorations Out In The Driveway Last Night Which I Just Remembered When I Turned On My Car This Morning. I Just About Crapped My Pants


When The Christmas Card Photo Shoot With The Sheep Goes Wrong

We were also interested to know how we should help children understand that Christmas is about the spirit of giving, not about getting gifts. Here’s what Becker had to say. “Most importantly, we change how we talk about the day and the season. As parents, it is so easy to unintentionally throw out phrases all December long like, ‘Maybe you’ll get that Christmas… Let’s just put that on your Christmas list… Are you excited for presents this year… You need to be good so Santa will bring you presents this year.'”

“By the time Christmas day comes along, we’ve built up all these expectations about the number of presents our kids are going to receive. If you want your kids to learn Christmas is about giving, spend as much time talking with them about gift ideas they could give to others as you do talking about the gifts they might receive. Take them shopping with you for others. Let them see you being extra generous to other people throughout the season. And never let them see you complain about giving… only let them see experiencing and celebrating the joy of giving time, money, and gifts to others.”


My Wife And I Have A Tradition Of Picking Out The Ugliest Tree At The Tree Farm. This Year We Hit A Grand Slam


These Ho Ho Ho’s On Wrapping Paper Are Confetti. There Are 1000 Little Ho’s All Over My House, There Are Ho’s On My Kids, There Will Be Ho’s Forever


Went To The Office Holiday Party. Didn’t Know Corporate Was Going To Be There

Lastly, Becker gave us some good advice about how we should look at New Year’s Eve and about starting 2020. “In many regards, January 1st is just another day. There is nothing particularly magical about the clock turning over to 12:00, other than the cheering and kissing and confetti.”

“What a new year does provide is a natural time to reflect on the trajectory of your life over the last year and chart a new (and maybe better) direction for the next one. So celebrate that opportunity and make the most of it. No matter the external circumstances, whether you are with friends, family, or by yourself, you are in control of the next year of your life. New Year’s reminds us of that fact.”

He added: “Also, stay in control of yourself on New Year’s Eve. Have a good time, but don’t overdo alcohol, narcotics, or peer pressure. The last thing you want to do on December 31st is something you’ll regret on January 1st.”


My Dad Made Me These “Decorative Trees” In His Workshop For Christmas


When Your Parents Wrap Your Presents Last Minute


My Cousin Was *wrapping Presents

Whether it’s a photo shoot gone wrong or your cat demolishing your Christmas tree again (damn you, Mr. Mittens! Never again!), some things are bound to ruin your mood, unless you try to see the funny side of the disaster.

While it’s impossible to avoid all holiday mishaps or to foresee your cat going all King Kong on your Christmas tree (I mean, who could have predicted that? Like, seriously, it was so unexpected), there are some things that we can do and some shifts in our perspective that we can make to avoid being seriously disappointed during Christmas-time.


Merry Christmas!


I Put A Christmas Story Lamp In My Front Window And Not One Of My Neighbors Recognized It. Several Have Stopped To Ask Why I Have A “Weird, Gross Leg” On Display


Tom’s 1st Christmas

Joshua Becker writes on Becoming Minimalist that even though the pace of the holiday season might be hectic and that we might feel that rushing around like a headless chicken seems to be expected of us, we have to do our best to slow down. That involves having fewer things to do and intentionally cutting out some errands. Be a fashion chicken, not a headless one.

Becker also notes that perfection is impossible. So you shouldn’t expect perfection even if it’s something you aim for. Your home will never be perfectly clean just in time for the guests to arrive. Your kids will never be fully satisfied with the presents they get, even if they love what they got. And there’s bound to be at least one minor argument in the family because of all the stress.


Isnt That Called Arson?


When You Have Your Kid Paint Wrapping Paper But It Ends Up Looking Like You Murdered The UPS Guy And Stole His Packages


Those “Reindeer”

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The Disappointment In My Face After Getting The Same Shirt I’m Wearing For Christmas When I Was 11


My Cousin Got A Drone For Christmas


Merry Christmas Everyone


This Basically Sums Up Traveling With Our Toddler. Merry Christmas


My Boyfriend Said He Made Holiday Cookies


I Used Chocolate Bells Instead Of Kisses. Is It Me Or Did I Just Make Christmas B***s?


Buddy At Work Secret Santa Party Legit Just Got Gifted The Same Shirt He Is Wearing


This Is How Well Our Christmas Card Photoshoot Is Going


Brother And His Boyfriend, Maybe?

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Marry Christmas!

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