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30 Adorable Sphynx Photos To Change Every Sphynx-Haters Mind


People love kittens because they are little and fluffy – but what’s hiding underneath all that fur? This adorable collection of hairless Sphynx kittens prove that these creatures can be just as cute, if not slightly odd looking, without a luxurious mane.

The Sphynx breed, despite its lack of a winter coat, originates from the great white north of Canada. In the mid-1960s, a cat in Ontario gave birth to a hairless kitten, as the result of a natural genetic mutation. Following this anomaly was the birth of two separate sets of hairless kittens in the mid-1970s in Toronto and Minnesota. Through careful breeding, the Sphynx cat evolved into the unique animal you see today. Sphynxs come in a variety of colors and patterns and are technically not as “naked” as they appear. If you look close enough you’ll see they are covered with a thin layer of fuzz.

Common misconceptions such as the “hairless” myth can lead to people buying this breed without knowing how much maintenance they require. Their sleek bodies may mean less shedding but that doesn’t mean less grooming. Owners of Sphynxes should be prepared to wash their pets once a week and regularly wipe down their bodies with a washcloth, as their skin attracts dust particles, pollen, and dirt along with dead skin. Without a protective coat, they are also susceptible to sunburns, overheating and getting too cold. It’s important to do your research before investing in one of these exotic cats. Scroll down below to check out some photos of this regal feline breed and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 How Adorable Is This Little Girl. Her Ears Melt Me


While a bald cat may seem like the perfect pet for people who are allergic but still want a feline, sadly Sphynxes are not hypoallergenic. This “hairless” breed still produce Fel d1, which is the allergenic protein in cat saliva and skin secretions that causes the itchy, red eye allergic reaction. Sphynxes and other breeds have been advertised as hypoallergenic before but according to cat geneticists there is not cat without this protein – sorry!

#2 Went To Meet Our New Boy Yesterday And Fell In Love


#3 So Tiny, So Cute


The idea of having a hairless cat may sound appealing for many reasons if not primarily that both house and cat maintenance would be minimal. Think no shedding means this breed is “cleaner” than other cats? think again. Sphynxes attract dust particles, pollen, and dirt along with dead skin cells. In addition to these outside factors their bodies produce a greasy film. Owners of this breed need to wipe their kitties down with a washcloth daily and bath them weekly.

#4 This Super Cute Sphynx Kitten


#5 Goodmorning


Just like babies, Sphynxes have sensitive skin. Because they don’t have thick coats to protect them it is up to their owners to be extra mindful. While these cats are allowed to go outside keep in mind that the sun can harm them and they should be mostly indoor pets. Sphynxes can get sunburnt, overheat, and get too cold.

#6 Say Hello To Minnie, She’s Coming Home Early May


#7 Baby Blue


People love fluffy cats, especially the more exotic looking ones like the luxurious Maine Coon. But who said furrier was always better? Sphynxes prove sometimes less is more and were ranked as the 8th most popular feline breed in the country, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association statistics for 2018. 

#8 If It Was My Cat, I Wouldn’t Be Able To Look Anywhere Else Except Those Eyes


#9 The Next Generation


Sphinxes may look as aloof and regal as their namesake in Egypt, but this breed follows the rule never judge a book by its cover. This breed actually has social, loving and playful personality with a recent study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior even ranking Sphynxes as the most affectionate cat breed. A possible explanation? They need you to keep them warm!

#10 “Oh, Hello Ladies”


#11 Our Beautiful Red Collar Boy Has Found His Forever Home


#12 New Profile Picture For Charlie The Nude Cat


#13 The Majestic Trio


#14 Can You Be Any Cuter?


#15 So Serious Baby


#16 Lakshmi Smiling


#17 Beautiful Inky


#18 That Squishy Little Face


#19 Baby From Last Year’s Litter


#20 The Teeniest Of The Teeny Tiny


#21 Look At That Cute Nose


#22 This Is The Most Adorable Kitten Ever


#23 1-Month-Old Sphynx


#24 Her Name’s Andromeda Crazy Daisy


#25 Another Day With Same Friend


#26 Deep Ocean Blue Eyes, Love Them


#27 Sphynx Kitten


#28 My Little Handsome Boy Just Turned 9 Weeks


#29 Look At Him, Isn’t He Precious


#30 Best Wishes From This Pretty Girl


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